Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Bedraggled Bloom Day

You read that right. Not bedazzled. This is a Monsoon Bedraggled Bloom Day. Even if I had not been distracted by other things it would have been difficult to chronicle what is blooming in the low spot on a North Carolina mountain top today when most of it is bent over double and soaking wet.

Bloom Day must go on and our Bloom Day czar Carol is of high import. How could you disappoint her when she opens the window wide on a blooming planet for all to see.

The Sheffie Mum is the star of a bedraggled October Bloom Day. It is so dense and compact it has no where for the blooms to fall or flop over.

The mountain is still covered in a light blue sea of the Symphyotrichum cordifolium, the Blue Wood Aster. They however look like they have closed up shop for the monsoon. In the wet fog, drizzle and rain, the light blue fades into the dismal grey surroundings.

One of the Meidiland roses is putting out one last hurrah before the coming cold. We may get our first frost and first snow in the same event if the diagnosis holds out. Can you have snow before the first frost? I bet in some weird soil temperature way it is possible. It can certainly snow when the temperature is above freezing at this elevation. Snow falls from higher up you see and may not have time to melt before landing on the rose.

The Sheffie Mum is at its traffic stopping peak. Only the hard core would stop in this weather to take a picture though. I have been inside so much I wouldn't know who might be stopping to visit the Mum.

I hope the Mum's mom will be stopping by to visit if the snow doesn't fall and scare her off from driving high into the hills. I may get corrected a bit for dissing the Sheffie Mum's odd color. What is a garden without oddities though? A mere landscape or a yard at most. A real garden has oddities.

October's Bedraggled Bloom Day has to come with a shot of fall color as well. Blooming flowers are hard pressed to compete with the drama of an entire forest blazing with color. A good wildflower meadow can come close to this spectacle on occasion.

I will certainly make an attempt to have the rest of the future garden be as dramatic as the fall forest as seen from my front porch.


Siria said...

Oh no...Frances may not have corrected you for dissing the Sheffie Mum, but now you are calling it your garden oddity? I think she might definitely have to correct you this time! :)

Your garden bloom day still looks fabulous, even with the wet flowers. Hope the weather clears up soon and I sure hope it isn't too cold and windy! Have a great weekend!

JGH said...

I enjoyed these photos. Thanks for identifying that blue wood aster. It grows everywhere up here in south NY. I saw tons of it on my walk last weekend and was wondering what it's called.

We're wet here, too. Hope you dry out soon.

Lola said...

Oh, that Sheffie Mum is a got to have in this garden. If it stands up to your weather like that it will do fine here.
We had 2 hard rains about an hr apart today. Ok, that's enough for now. At least we have some cooler temps.
All around you still looks great even with all the wetness.
I take it there is still no sign of mama Spot. Maybe she'll come home this weekend.

Lola said...

I blew up the last pic. What is on the post under the eve that looks like it's got 2 glowing eyes?
BTW, roses are pretty also.

Gail said...

Christopher, it's possible that you have had more rain this season then we have! Which is a lot of rain! I love the sweet native asters. We have several different ones...all bring in the bees! I found a new one Symphyotrichum patens, the leaves wrap around the stem. A sweet pinkish lilac colored flower. Have fun with the mum's Mum! gail

azplantlady said...

Even though your garden may be bedraggled, there is still so much beauty. We get monsoons here in Arizona and I know what it does to the garden :)

chuck b. said...

That mum is a traffic stopper on the Internet too!

It will be so interesting to see snow falling on roses if that happens.

Christopher C. NC said...

Siria I will distract Frances with a bucket full of the Blue Wood Aster and some of the white anemone to start. We'll be to busy to discuss the Mum.

Hi JGH. The blue aster grows every where here too. If you go back a short ways on the blog there are plenty more pictures. After the snow, the sun is supposed to come out.

Lola no Mama Spot yet. I heard it was a 100 degrees in Jacksonville last week. That thing under the eave on the front porch is the base for a motion detector light.

Gail we get more rain up here than down in Waynesville. One day I will ahve to do a proper inventory of all the aster species up here. I'm sure the mum's mum and I will have plenty fun wandering the mountain gathering. The sun might even be out though it may only be 45 degrees.

Azplantlady it has alwayss been on my list of things to see is the desert blooming after the monsoon rains.

Chuck I am sure if you crave the Mum one could be delivered to you. The snow will have to still be around in the day light to see it since the flash exploded on my camera. How does one send the camera back and be without for however long that might take?

Dreamybee said...

"A real garden has oddities." I like that philosophy-I love it when something catches your eye in the garden and make you stop and go, "Now, what is that??

What a beautiful view from your porch!

Carol said...

The weather here is also gray and dreary, and I feel quite of it because I don't have a Sheffie mum in my garden. I'll have to pay Frances a visit sometime. It's only a 7 hour drive?

Anyway, here's to sunny days ahead!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Bedraggled is just what I thought when I was strollig through my garden yesterday. This wet fall has flattened most flowers in the garden. Geez. The odd mum is a keeper no matter what you might think about it. At least you have your flashy forest to brighten things up.

fairegarden said...

Only snow and ice can keep me away, Christopher! I am quite proud of the sheffie at your place, it looks better than the ones here. Need to mulch I believe to cover the exposed roots of so many things that have soil erosion from all the rain. I have packed my rain gear, remembering that is has rained every single time I have ever visited. I offered Chuck the mum and didn't hear from him. Carol, only 7 hours? Come on down!
The mum's Mum

Siria said...

Christopher...I had to send my daughter's camera back last year for repair to the lense and it was back repaired in a week. I believe it was an Olympus...I called them, they gave me a repair number and emailed me a slip that I printed and enclosed with the camera. It was fairly easy and quick although a week without a camera when you are blogging daily is a LONG time! Good luck!