Thursday, October 8, 2009

Look Up

The outside stairway on the roof to access the loft wall is gone, gone, gone. Now the snow can slide right off.

Mostly you have to look up to see fall in the trees towering over your head. There are a few places were small maples live on a slope well below were you stand. This is a rare opportunity to view a colored canopy from above. I think it is a completely different color combination this year.

Higher up Hebo Mountain is changing.

The general spot where this picture was taken may be needing a nice bench one day.


Lola said...

The snow stopper is gone. Whoopee.
Yes, I agree, a nice bench placed just so would be so nice. Even time on the bench in Spring would bring many joys. A splendid mtn you have there. Just walk out the door & see all the beauty that abounds.
Oh my goodness.

Siria said...

How about a swinging bench?

Carol said...

I'm always surprised by how different the fall leaf color is every year.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Every year it seems that the discussion about fall color turns to the lack of rain being the reason why we don't have very good color. This year that cannot be the complaint. There is 3.5" of rain in the gauge since yesterday and it isn't the first time the 3" mark was surpassed this fall.

Isn't it fun to find a place that requires a bench. Then the hunt for the perfect perch begins.

Frances said...

I am guessing you could build a very nice bench with your leftovers. The colors are looking very promising here, the maples are turning early.

Gail said...

You have to make sure that you actually sit on that bench to contemplate the beautiful mountain scene. gail