Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Indecision Of 34

6 .... 5 .. 4 ... 3 .. 2

It's snowing. No it's raining. Is that snow? Rain, snow, lumpy rain, eh can't tell, big flakes, rain, white rain, yea that's snow, no rain.

And the fooggity fog rolling in and out and up and down. Fine mist, thick mist, white mist, snow, no mist. A dense mist that hovers and glides before falling. It's snow. No it's mist, a very fine gelatinous rain.

Oh please make up your mind.


Grace Peterson said...

Well, looks like the weather gods are playing with your head and undoubtedly laughing, reminding you [us] of our finite humanity. One things for sure, it's warm fire, hot soup and bread and Snuggie and movie weather. Don't you agree?

Christopher C. NC said...

Grace there will be plenty of snowy days for that to come. I managed the tiniest bit of work today, a good nap and a dash of stir crazy.

Lola said...

Seems it's begun. Don't you hate when the weather can't make up it's mind.
Yes, lots of hot soup helps keep one warm.