Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What's Going On

Besides the fact that it is raining again and I am stuck inside, what happened to Outside Clyde?

Well I thought it might be time for me to join the big picture bloggers. It seems a new template was needed in order to accomplish that. So this is a test run on larger pictures on the blog.

That didn't work, but the change in look feels good.


Lola said...

Nice new header.
It will work fine.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Yes, I like big pictures. Big is good.

Lee said...

I run all my photos through photobucket. It's the best way I've found to get large photos on blogger.

chuck b. said...

I like the white background. It was black before, right?

Nalani said...

WOW nice new look...change is good.
A heard something recently I thought you might appreciate. Things come into our lives for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. Sometimes its hard to embrace the flow. I share your anxiety about Mama Spot. I am tryng to caretake a neighborhood feral colony and so far have lost Lilinoe, a kitten & now Goldie is MIA. The good news is I have fixed a mama cat, Mushka, & mama's baby is next. My hope is that I have made their lives a little more comfortable.
Fall has come to Maui too, the wind off the mountain has been chilly in the morning & evening. Horray!!!

Christopher C. NC said...

Thanks Lola and I can change the header picture every so often.

Lisa I found out how to make the pictures bigger, but it means I have to change code for every one of them. I want permanent and easy, no code rewrites, so I need to find that way to do it.

Lee I do have a Photobucket account. I also got some indication one of my photos from there is being used elsewhere and it won't tell me where in their stats feature.

Why yes Chuck it was black before. Now it is the exact opposite color. An extreme makeover.

Hi Miss Nalani. Yes some change is good. I just dreamed Mama Spot came back in my afternoon nap on a cold and rainy day. Perhaps one season is all I get with her.

You have a feral colony in addition to your indoor kitties? In your neighborhood I bet a lot of them could easily take up residence at another house. Ah yes the cool breeze falling down Haleakala, such a soothing gentle wind. Here it roars through. Biting.

Anonymous said...

Permanent? Wordpress. But it'll cost you.

Is that snow I see? It may affect my plans, will keep you posted.

It was your black background that was my inspiration when I began blogging. But this looks nice and those fall colors are still popping.

Siria said...

Hi Christopher! I like your new look, although I really liked the black background in the old look. I love the fact you can change that header picture. All's looking great! I hope it stops raining soon.

Christopher C. NC said...

Wordpress? No money.

Frances that is snow from last year in the header. The black was good, but it moved on.

Nell Jean said...

Upload your pictures to Picasa. Then copy and paste the code, easy. Choose 640 as the size. It will copy as 800, which you then change to 640. So it's an extra step? Do you want big photos? Or leave it at 800 and have huge photos.

When did they start charging for Wordpress? If you're accustomed to Blogger, Wordpress requires getting used to, but not to worry.

I like that you lost the black.

Anonymous said...

The charge is not to have wordpress as your host, but to have the css upgrade to make the photos larger. There may be another way, like writing your own stylesheet on another theme, but for $15 a year this is easier for me.

Pam/Digging said...

Nice look, Christopher.