Tuesday, October 13, 2009

This Is Fall

I think we're peaking. And like last year it is difficult to get "The Picture."

The camera does not want to see what the eye does unless everything is just right. Or I need to learn how to manipulate the camera more.

The constantly overcast skies may not be the optimum lighting for this particular aspect of photography. And more rain is a coming. Again. For the rest of the week. More rain.

The good news is the insulation passed inspection without any fuss. I have approval to move forward to completion which in a way is when the inspector man will be called back next, when the cozy cabin is essentially done, whenever that might be. Late spring or early summer 2010 perhaps.

The first job is to put the rigid insulation on beneath the floor and cover that with siding so the varmints are not attracted to a cozy nesting place for the winter.

The bad news is Mama Spot is still a no show on day number 5. The coyotes were close by shortly before she disappeared and the hunters arrived last week. Now the hounds have been let loose. Maybe they will chase her back home.


Anonymous said...

Oh no, Christopher; that doesn't sound like good news. (Although I am not a cat person; maybe they just scared her into hiding for all I know.) Whatever happens, she brought her spotlets to you and knows they will be well taken care of.

I agree about the camera not seeing what the eye does; makes one appreciate our ocular anatomy; although my old eyes see less and less well these days.....



Christopher C. NC said...

Bev it is hard for me to think Spot would voluntarily leave the lap of luxury. She had become an indoor cat for the most part and I was even able to scatch her fat belly without getting clawed. It is good I still have the spotlets. Crawford is the sweet almost lap kitty and his sister Collar is the aloof outdoor cat who only wants to be inside for food and bad weather.

As for the pictures I really should use the tripod more since I often shoot in low light. I just don't like lugging it around.

Siria said...

Oh Christopher ~ I am so sorry Mama Spot is still missing. I was hoping the next post would be her homecoming. Have faith ~ she will come home. Your fall foliage photos are beautiful. I loved so many of them that I couldn't decide which one I liked best. Good luck sealing off the insulation under the house. I know you know how important that is to keep the mice out. I thought my house was pretty mouse proof, but it is amazing how they can get in through the tiniest of openings.

Lola said...

Oh mercy me, Christopher. I do hope mama Spot is jut scared out of her wits & will come home as soon as she can. We can't know where she went as we don't know from where she came.
I'm glad the inspector man approved the pink layer. Do you have to put the same kind of siding that is on your walls underneath to cover the pink stuff? That's $$$$$$ isn't it? Why not plain plywood? Maybe the siding is for better looks.
The season is coming along. It's looking like it's here in all it's glory. I must admit that the camera never does show what the eye can see. I'm so thankful that I see more than I've seen in awhile.
We're to have 80% chance of rain tomorrow. It will be good for the plants that I just potted up. Fall delivery time. Still in mid to upper 80's tho.
Keep positive thoughts.

Christopher C. NC said...

Siria mouse proofing is a definite priority since I think there is one inside the cabin now. That will come as the last layer of caulk and trim once the panels are placed over the rigid insulation. I still hope Spot will come home.

Lola I have been looking at cheaper alternatives to the Hardie board cement fiber panels. They are like the siding on the house but come in 4' x 8' sheets. One is a pressed wood laminate made to look like weathered barn wood that comes in the same size as plywood sheets.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lola it is true I have no idea where Spot came from and she has left almost exactly one year from the day she arrived. I have wondered if this is the normal parting of the ways for a mama with grown kittens. But I had her FIXED!

Lola said...

I know mouse proofing is top priority as they can chew through most anything. I use to put mothballs, besides rat poison {yuck}, under our mobile home up there & they still got in. We also had the wood rats. They look like small cats or dogs {huge}. It seemed the winter was worse. We weren't there 24/7 then.
I have no clue as to the nature of kitties {even FIXED ones}. I had one that went under my shed & had a litter {wild little things}, then the dau & mom came back & had more under there. I tried to put the soil up against the side but they dug under anyway. I think this yr is the first in several yrs that it hasn't occurred. Maybe that's because my shed is sinking. Yeah, sinking. It needs to be raised & more blocks put under. This soil down here moves.
We'll continue to pray that mama Spot comes home. I know you have gotten attached & miss her.

chuck b. said...

Who knows what happens in the minds of cats. Perhaps she came to give you her babies, and having done so, decided to move on.

I guess you've checked all the tree tops..?

Frances said...

Did you know if Mama Spot had had other litters before these? She may just be a rolling stone, although females, fixed or not are not usually the ones to roam. She is smart though. You know that since she brought you her babies. What a supreme gift. She might turn up one day to check on them, cats are unpredictable. More rain here too. When there is sun it is so fleeting, we haven't taken a photo with good light in weeks. Even then, the camera cannot give the third dimension that our eye can see. I look forward to seeing the cozy C. and you.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

That sprinkling of snow says a lot about Momma Spots disappearence to me. She would be home if she could be. Sigh...however cats are remarkable creatures. Maybe she will wander back home...always hopeful.

I can see the beauty on your mountains without a perfect photo.