Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Yeller Fothergilla

It is the time of russet. A reddish brown hue dominates the mountains.

Most of the vivid reds and golden yellows have fallen. Brown is taking hold. This is largely the doing of the oaks I think. They linger til the final moment having the last word, but never say a cheery goodbye.

Inside the cozy cabin the drywall progresses. Now I could end up with mice trapped inside the walls. Mr. Mouse in the floor was quiet today, but I saw evidence of chewing. There was a little bit of suspicious rigid insulation dust near one of the seams.

The back kitchen wall was also completed. You can see the tongue and groove ceiling of the kitchen and bath. A decision was made a while back to do the main living room ceiling in tongue and groove planks to just stick with the theme. The loft ceiling will be drywalled.

Things are getting sealed in and sealed out of the cozy cabin. The lady bugs have begun to arrive in search of cracks and crevices to spend the winter. Last year they swarmed the cabin by the thousands. Not so many this year. So far.

Then there are the bats living under the eaves. My siding and painting only bothered them momentarily no doubt. Everyone is moving in for the winter but me.

The Fothergilla up here is totally yellow with a tinge of brown. Could it be a different species than the ones at Client #1's? They are a nice native shrub and I have eyed this one to dig out some of the suckers. They tend to grow that way as a habit. The suckering is pretty mild and they hold a single shrub appearance quite well. Oh I should check the other pretty Fothergilla for suckers that need to be weeded out.

Out there is a garden waiting to be. I have a couple of sacks of leftover bulbs to plant from Bulbarella's digging this season when I find the time.

I will need shrubs too. The Fothergilla will be a nice addition.


Lola said...

The russets always let me know that winter was on the way.
Love the tongue & groove. Looks more in place than painted overhead.
Bulbs are always a welcome thing. They are so forgiving.
Absolute awesome view from the Patio.

Siria said...

Hi Christopher! Boy you have really been busy between sealing the undercabin and all the drywall in the cozy cabin. It really looks great! I love your ceilings. So sorry it isn't ready for your move-in this winter, but it is progressing so nicely that I know you must be very pleased! Your views are spectaculr!

Anonymous said...

I have the same fothergilla problem. The ones at a nearby public garden resemble the one at your client's garden (only even brighter, more orange), while mine remains a stubborn yellow. Mine is gardenii 'Mt Airy' (at least that's how it was labeled.) The others may be fothergilla major.
Or maybe it's just siting, I don't know - but it's annoying, isnt it??!!
ps the tongue and groove looks great! It's fun to put in, too! (:


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Heck you have room for both frothergillas. I like the idea of the tongue and groove ceiling through out. In a small area it is nice to have a cohesive element. It will indeed seem cozy. Seeing that drywall all going up would be making me anxious to move in if I were you. You are a patient person though.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, the fothergilla is different with the yellow than mine too, which I thought was gardenii. When it was planted I was not that concerned with the latin names and just wrote fothergilla on the sheet. I wonder which one is the more vigorous. The cabin looks wonderful, I can imagine the kitchen cabinets in and that tile backsplash, va va voom! :-)

Carol said...

I love Fothergilla, and have F. gardenii, which as you noted, does sucker a bit but stays as a nice shrub shape anyway. I planted mine nearly 12 years ago and they've done well, with no pruning or any attention on my part, other than admiring the beautiful fall foliage, which is more orange than yeller, and the white blooms in the spring.

Plant a lot of 'em!

chuck b. said...

Have you camped in the cozy cabin? The temptation would seem hard to resist.