Monday, October 5, 2009

Not Yet

The wait for fall color is on.

I was feeling we were off to a late start this year, but a perusal of last years posts at this time indicates all is in order time wise for fall color.

I had a similar issue with the daffodil bulbs in the spring. I should just stop worrying about it and go with the flow. That is when I will come to a knowing that all is in order time wise for all things.

There are still wildflowers to enjoy.

This white aster, the Frost Aster, Symphyotrichum pilosum is making a very good showing in the roadside vegetable garden. It is quite floriferous and very sturdy and rigid compared to the blue asters. It seeds should be collected and scattered.

The odd salmon pink color of the Sheffie Mum is beginning to grow on me. At first I was concerned about what other colors or plants could possibly go with that. The purple of the verbena and the blues of the asters seem to work ok. Maybe it can stay in the front bed.

A new colony has already been started lower down the drive. It is very robust and hardy and runners from the patch are easy to transplant in the spring. You have to learn to love the color of a plant this tough and willing to bloom in profusion so late in the year.

The colors of fall are coming.

Soon the entire forest will take on these hues.

When the time is right.


Lola said...

Yes, there is a time for all things. The show of Fall is stupendous. I see Uncle Ernie is vigently watching over all.
In the 5th pic where the Sheffie Mum is, what is the big leaf plant behind?
That purple sure makes the apricot color pop. Love that color. I will have to check to see if I can find it here.
My mums are starting to flower. I have different colors. I try to match them with other colors that I think look good together.
Happy Fall, slow down & enjoy every tiny blade of grass or every petal on each flower for tomorrow they shall be gone.

chuck b. said...

I am not, I AM NOT, psychologically prepared for fall right now. I am not. Not, not, not.

(I own it, fully. It's my issue. I'm just acknowledging that I have an issue.)

With all those beautiful asters, the beneficials must be very happy where you are. I should hope God is pleased.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous foliage and flower. I like Sheffie too.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I was thinking that very thing about the color around here. I guess I am in a big hurry for some reason. Maybe becasue we are having cooler than usual weather now.

Gail said...

I see a few hints of the golden that is our fall...and the reds show up in the occasional maple...but mostly on the pest Euonymous alata that is still in yards everywhere. I love October but it sure feels more like November here! Maples must be in heaven on your mountain. gail

Siria said...

Hello Christopher! All looks lovely at your place! In time all the color will turn, probably in the next few weeks. I absolutely love that salmon sheffie, so I hope the color grows on you soon. Save me one of those runners. :)

Frances said...

You mean the sheffie color was not love at first plant? It is nearly neutral in that it enhances every other color. I have it all over, as you know, and it blends perfectly, but with the turning deciduous forest it should be awe inspiring. The cabin is beautiful already. I like how cordifolia stands up tall too, the others are leaning on him.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lola the big round leaf behind the Sheffie Mum is a Hollyhock that bloomed and seems to want to keep living. I thought they were going to croak after blooming. The mums proper name is "Sheffield Pink".

Well Chuck I quess you are not ready. Strangely the normal high pitched buzz on the wild flowers has been very subdued all year???

Grace the foliage show is just beginning as the last of the flowers get in just under the wire.

Lisa, one would think there should be no hurry for this, but it is like fine it's fall, then just do it.

Gail the maples without a doubt are the main color event with the most diverse color range.

Siria there will be plenty to share. We both just need to remember since when things are not in bloom they are easier to overlook.

Frances, I hate to say it but I still find the Sheffie Mum such an odd color. Maybe my eye's perception of it is different. I will take your word for it that it goes with everything. Good cause there will be plenty of it. I think your New England Aster will be a big improvement over the one here. Want some of the big stuff? The S. cordifolium is much better about standing up.