Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Out There In The Wilderness

The jubilation over the return of Mama Spot and a reunited Spot family was short lived. The very next day Crawford failed to check in for roll call. He is now on day two of his disappearance.

Working on one theory of Mama Spot's nine day spa vacation, that she may have gotten herself trapped inside a building of some sort, I went over to the neighbor's place calling and snooping for small entrances into any of the seven structures over there. Didn't see or hear a thing.

But my what a view there is from the half filled greenish black swimming pool and spa complex that exists in its own little world higher up the mountain from the main house.

These top three pictures move from left to right, west to east and look north. That is a lot of wild forest for a cat to get lost in. That is a lot of ground for the hounds that are now loose to chase other critters. The hounds run through the forest. The hunters drive around in circles on the road. It seems hunting is now mostly an automobile sport. I find that peculiar.

The low spot in a North Carolina mountain top is the dip in the mountain behind the White Pine in the center of the picture below. Between where this picture was taken and the first rise of the mountain just to the right of the pine is the low spot I call home.

I am fairly close to the road where there is a hint of civilization, but I am surrounded by wilderness. Now another cat has decided to wander off in search of adventure. I am so over it. They just may have to be thought of as barn cats with privileges from now on.

St. Francis, I hate to call on you again so soon. You did a fine job with Spot. Please watch over Crawford during his sojourn in the wilderness. He is my favorite and I would be very pleased if he was to return as safely as you returned Mama Spot. Sooner would be better. Trying to get into the mind of a lost cat can be vexing.

I'm beginning to believe in alien abductions. How could they not like such a nice place to call home?


chuck b. said...

Oh, no! A new missing catten to worry about.

It's starting to seem like they're just using you. If our cats got out, I would get the bottle of treats I dole out, or open a can of tuna fish. They'd come running.

That's the theory anyway.

Lola said...

OMW, Bless your heart Christopher. I'm so sorry that another dear pet has decided to roam causing grief of it's loving master & friend. We will say some words of prayer for you & Crawford.
Maybe he won't be gone as long.

Anonymous said...

My husband the cat person says you should feed them better, haha! I, the dog person, would put leashes on the suckers - if they didn't like it, tough. It's not worth the anxiety!
That said, I know that's probably unrealistic and I will be hoping with you for Crawford's safe return. (Isn't he the one who went up the tree??!!)


Christopher C. NC said...

So Chuck your theory is I am not spoiling them enough? Treats. I need treats. Tuna I can do, but who knows what else that might attract.

OMW is right Lola.

Bev, I considered your husband's thought. In Hawaii I used a once daily bit of canned food for roll call very successfully. Yes Crawford was the one 60 feet up a tree.

Benjamin Vogt said...

Why do cats have to do this? Even house cats do it. We once had an occasional overnight mouser, and the only way we knew he was ok is that there would be presents by the back door. Another cats was gone for days when we first moved to another state; I think she was disoriented, and after much searching she came back on her own, too. There's something to resepct in cats, how they balance the civility of us with the primal natures not long distant in them. OR how they use and abuse us and we still care for them.

lh said...

I’m a lurker/gardener who never comments here, but your cat stories are breaking my heart. I read you every day for inspiration. You always seem to keep going, no matter the obstacles. You overcome problems and remain at heart a poet and philosopher. The trouble with barn cats (and, in my case, a stray who has crawled into my basement) is that – after all that caring (and Vet bills) – one begins to get attached. As people grow older, the losses seem to get harder rather than easier. I wish you well and hope against hope that Crawford will return. Best wishes,
Lois Hinrichs

Siria said...

Oh Christopher...you have enough other worries to keep you occupied. Maybe Crawford got jealous with all the attention Mama Spot was getting upon her return home. I think you should start praying to St. Anthony in addition to St. Francis. St. Anthony is the patron saint of lost things. It has always worked for me! Will keep Crawford in my prayers as well.

Christopher C. NC said...

Benjamin really who is in charge here? More often than not I think I am the one being trained.

Lois such kind words, thank you. No need to lurk. Comment any time. Also thank you for the link and nice things you said about my cabin building at the NY Times.

Siria maybe I should have three saints. I'll need another for Collar. She is the most aloof, but so far the only one who hasn't caused a scene.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Momma Spot has not set a very good example for the Spotlets. Naughty naughty kitties. Of course they are probably lured out into that gorgeous landscape that surrounds your place.

Anonymous said...

I still think Momma was trapped somewhere. I also think somehow Cleveland found the same place or something similar. Even though you may be looking everywhere for them, they have a "grounds eye" view and can find so many places to get into. Fingers crossed once again for a safe and swift return.

Anonymous said...

Oh for goodness sakes! What next, you must be thinking. Sigh. Well, St. Francis did his work before, and it's all you've got anyway. Do you think Mama told him about something wonderful beyond the familiar places? Here's to his safe return. How fun to see your place from the neighbor's venue. Looks like the snow is gone on the lower spots anyway. Hope you are able to get some work done on this stretch of nice days.

Anonymous said...

Christopher~~ You say you're "so over it" but you are so NOT. [Smile] Well if kids don't give you a few gray hairs then the pets certainly will. Maybe your cats need to be indoor only. I know, pure torture for them but freedom to wander the woods is not always such a good thing. Hopefully Crawford will be back lickety split. Fingers crossed.