Monday, October 12, 2009

The Soiree At Kalamazoo

Is the annual Madison County Arts Council fund raiser in the garden of Pat Franklin with good entertainment.

Celosia spicata 'Flamingo Feather' I presume.

The classic farm house on a hill looking out over the valley.

The event included a silent and live auction, pupus, dinner, adult beverages, live music, a pack of local politicians and lots of socializing on the one perfect day in between weathers.

This is the first barn quilt I have managed to take a picture of.

The warm up entertainment before the main event.

The main event was The Harris Brothers who are really very good musicians and singers. The link will take you to a You Tube video of one of their songs which sadly I can't watch. I did get to hear them live and that was a real treat.

Mesmerized by the music.

It was a relatively small affair of about 150 people I'd say. Very much a gathering of the who's who of Madison County culture, much like a picnic for an extended family. (In comments Laura tells me there were 236 paid attendees.)

And the Bird Girl looked on during a soiree in the garden of good entertainment.


Siria said...

Sounds like a fun day was had by all. I hope they raised lots of money for the Cause.

chuck b. said...

Bird Girl replicas would sell briskly, I'm sure.

Also, I want a barn quilt. But first I need a barn.

Lola said...

That was fascinating. I did not know that about this statue. It would make for a lovely display in a garden.
But one must respect the owners wishes.

Christopher C. NC said...

Siria I would imagine they raised a good amount of change since there was a ticket to buy to get in, most things were donated and it was run by volunteers. A guitar sold for $650 and a fine furniture chair for $550.

Yea Chuck I bet Bird Girl would sell good in the south. You don't need a barn just a large blank wall. The big barn quilts are 8 x 8.

Lola I do think you can buy authorized replicas of this statue. The one in this garden is not an exact copy. The head is tilted in the opposite direction and the dress and position of the arms are different. It's still the Bird Girl though.

Siria said...

Oh yes...and I forgot to mention I love the barn quilt! I have never seen one before, and now will be on the look out for one. I too want one of the Bird Girl statues for my garden.

Frances said...

What a wonderful and fun event, Christopher. A good venue to meet and greet your neighbors, and maybe make some business contacts as well. I have some magazine tear sheets of barn quilts I would like to make, thinking of putting one on the back of the shed. But there are best viewed from afar. Similar to the hex signs on barns in Pennsylvania, very cool and artsy. I think the bird girl is available here. I have St. Fiacre and a couple of angels here and there.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Live music in the garden is enough to make it a perfect day. It looks like a good time was had by all.

Layanee said...

I want the celosia en masse! So lovely in its group. The colors are getting stronger here also and soon, all will be honor of your trip, my captcha phrase for today is one letter off festival...well, maybe two -restivel. How appropriate after your post.

Laura said...

Hey! Thanks for the shout out regarding our Soiree!! It was a lovely day and a lovely event. Just wanted you to know at last count there 236 paid attendees! A great day for the Madison County Arts Council!