Friday, October 9, 2009

Moving Along

All of a sudden it seems the color just appeared. Over the course of three days the inevitable has happened. Summer is so over.

I think the Sheffie Mum is growing on me as the dominant green background recedes into a kaleidoscope of reds, orange and yellow. It is beginning to appear almost subdued in comparison.

Or maybe my eyes have been overwhelmed by pink.

The floor beneath the cozy cabin has its first layer of R-30 insulation. Rigid insulation will cover this and bring it up to an R-38 value. The framing around the plumbing will get insulation placed inside and the whole thing will be boxed in. Then Hardie Board panels will cover the whole shebang.

At least the Sheffie Mum is not as boring and tedious as insulation.

I hope we did not make a grave error when we told my sister to wait until the weekend of the 24th to come for fall color. It was so green at the beginning of the week we couldn't possibly believe there would be this much color by this weekend. Oops.

And surprise. Look what I found growing along my driveway, a wild dahlia. The perfect color for fall.

I did not buy it or plant it. The best that I can say is that every time I saw it, I thought it looked different and strangely familiar so I did not weed it out. The only logical way for it to have arrived here was by bulldozer during the construction of my driveway. This has to have been a long lost bulb of Bulbarella's, planted and forgotten for a failure to thrive on neglect. Now it's mine.

The first week of October has a hard rush of fall color and there is still plenty of green out there to turn. Wild and cultivated flowers are still blooming and a cozy cabin gets ready for winter.


Lola said...

It can happen fast that way. Still there is plenty of green left. The Sheffie is looking good still. Maybe all that pink did have something to do with the reluctance of the color of the Sheffie. Now where did that pink Waskaly Wabbit go when you needed him the Most likely off somewhere beating those
That is a gorgeous dahlia.
Glad the giant tinker toy is down.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

You surely can't compare that sweet little mum with itchy peptobismol pink insulation. I would imagine that there will be plenty of color for your sister. It is really looking cozy around the cabin.

Siria said...

WOW Christopher! You are making sure you will be nice and Cozy in that Cabin of yours. It is looking great! I can't believe how much the color has turned in just a few days. Amazing how nature works. Stunning!

azplantlady said...

What beautiful fall photos. Here in the desert, the signs are not as obvious, so I am living vicariously through your pictures.

Anonymous said...

Oh that looks like a dirty and depressing job; glad yo could emerge periodically to view the Sheffie mum. And the dahila story is something! Haha, Bulbarella!


Frances said...

It seems you are goading me with the constant dissing of the sheffies. HA Now all you need is that purpley pink of the muhly to really set your teeth on edge. Love the escapee Dahlia. I like to think of the cozy cabin all blanketed and swaddled like a newborn babe in arms. Rock a bye....

Christopher C. NC said...

Lola, the colors seem to be changing very fast now. I hope it lasts for a few weeks. Yes the scaffolding is gone for good I hope.

Lisa maybe it is just the computer monitor that makes the insulation and Sheffie Mum look so much alike in color.

Siria I am doing my best to make sure my pipes and water lines never freeze when it is minus four.

Hi Azplantlady. There is plenty more fall to come for you to enjoy.

Bev, it is critical that I get out from under there every so often to stretch a bit. It was doing a number on my knees.

Goading you Frances? This is going to be the most popular Sheffie Mum around. My view has been so out voted. We better get busy propagating. Guess what is growing right next to the Sheffie Mum and has its first few bloom stalks.

EAL said...

It's hard to time the whole color thing. I caught ours at its undeniable peak today, but a lot of years I miss it.
(you have to drive south a bit.)

The place looks fab, insulation and all!

chuck b. said...

Dramatic, exciting pictures. Love the wildling dahlia.