Saturday, October 24, 2009

I Was Wrong

Fall will not be muted. It is positively glowing right now. This is it, the peak, the weekend my sister should have come to visit, but didn't. The blog will have to do.

There was decidedly more color on the mountain in the view this morning. Overnight things change.

It was the drive to town for more sheets of rigid insulation that convinced me there will be no muting.

The drive down the mountain was suffused with an other worldly light.

Halfway there the sun was out.

Up on the mountain top the clouds have descended. The temperature is plummeting and it is acting like it is going to snow.

I live in the clouds.

Tomorrow I think I will go for a drive if the weather is nice while fall is peaking.

Meanwhile Crawford eats and sleeps off his recent unfortunate trauma close to his mommy and me where he feels safe and warm.

Now where did the aloof Miss Collar get to?


Anonymous said...

AGGHH! I do not want to hear about Miss Collar!!
I wonder if someone is trying to catch squirrels ( a futile endeavor in the forest, but my neighbor tries it). What else would they be baiting a live trap for?
Maybe it's time to - what do you call it? - "talk a little story" and meet your neighbors through the forest, to see what's going on. This heartache is getting too much even for me!

ps love your cabin progress but that would make my comment TOO long!


Christopher C. NC said...

Bev, it is my hope that Miss Collar who is skittish by nature and freaks out when something different is placed in or around the house will be too afraid to go inside a trap. I do plan to talk story with the hunter who I know parks here and walks into the woods. Most of these guys just drive around in their trucks and hang out on the side of the road with the radio antenna tracking thingys to quess where their hounds are.

sweet bay said...

Those mountains are beautiful clothed in all of that color.

The last picture is adorable. I'm glad my cats now stick pretty close to home now; it used to drive me nuts when they wandered and came home late or not until the next day.

Siria said...

Oh those colors are magnificent! I hope you get a chance to go for a drive tomorrow in the peak of leafing season. I sure hope Collar has not gone missing!

Lola said...

OMW, not Collar now. I'm beginning to think that someone is deliberately setting a trap trying to catch something. Maybe the trapping is being done as shooting is not legal or it's too noisy. Either way it shouldn't be being done.
Story talk is very good.

When my DH took over the hunting area for the co. he stopped the driving around in trucks & also the drinking. I told him the 2 don't go together.

I do hope she comes home soon.

The pics are divine. Only the eye could see it better. Do take the time to see all that you can. It's all put there for our enjoyment. Nature sure does know how to get our undivided attention.

Christopher C. NC said...

Sweetbay I will be glad when and if these cats get too old to wander so far.

Siria and Lola, Collar is not missing yet. She is just the slowest to show up when called and also the one that spends the least amount of time inside. It is possible she is the most savvy of the lot in regards to the pitfalls of living in the woods.

Looks like a perfect day for a drive.

chuck b. said...

It starting to seem strange that my neighbor's cherry tree doesn't have even a hint of fall color.