Thursday, February 23, 2012

As The Snowdrops Fade Away

They are very good at setting seed. If they weren't so prone to dropping down into the foliage and hiding, harvesting them for further dispersal might be more likely to happen.

The still brown ridge top garden keeps stirring. It doesn't look like there is much to see.

But closer inspection reveals the next wave of bulbs.

The crocus are gaining in numbers.

Some are newly planted.

Others are more random and obviously self sown, but a single crocus doesn't have quite the same impact as many planted in one hole.

A patch of iris was found in the annex which has been getting a lot of new plantings in the last couple of years. The turkeys went through this section of the ridge top garden last week and scratched the peck out of it. A flock of thirty turkeys can do some major shifting of the leaf litter and top layer of soil. The lower path was practically obliterated.

The cold damaged daffodils are determined to bloom anyway. This is one of the early bloomers probably 'February Gold'. Of the four or so clumps of daffodils I have seen with color in the buds, they are all this same variety. And they all got cold nipped.

Crocus, crocus and more crocus to come.

You sure wouldn't know anything is happening by looking from a distance.

The daffodils are really only about half up and I have not seen the first sign of the chionodoxa or puschkinia. The lack of snow and cold after the last two winters is confusing, but I don't think we are really that far off schedule.

After a high today in the mid 60's we are headed back to lows in the 20's for the weekend. These weekly bursts of freezing weather may be enough to keep things on track.

This was the Bulbarella Bulb Report for Thursday, February 23rd. February 23rd. What? Maybe the crocus are a touch early. Nah. Even after last year's wicked winter I show the first crocus arriving on February 26th. Not enough difference to worry about.


Lola said...

Must get some Snowdrops, that way I can see the difference. Love those Crocus's. Turkeys, great. Hope they don't do much damage. I did learn {several yrs ago} that they can fly. That they roost in trees.

Gardener in the Distance said...

I adore Crocus, Christopher; thankyou for the wonderful pictures. Will the turkeys be getting their comeuppance?

Lisa at Greenbow said...

This winter has been so pleasant that it lulls us into thinking all is way ahead. Things here are a couple of weeks ahead but it seems much longer.

Carol said...

I'm not ready for the snowdrops to fade away. This lack of winter is messing with me.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely adore crocus. But I think I am going to have to give up or just plant anew each year. I live in the d-e-e-p South and they just don't return after 2 years and some of them after a year.

Dirty Girl Garding said...

The first signs of spring. Love the colors!