Sunday, February 19, 2012

Waiting For Da Snow

It has rained all day. The diagnosis called for snow beginning at three this afternoon. It is now almost six and the snow is three hours late. There was one down pour that had white globs mixed in, but no real snow yet.

This is what the crocus do on cloudy, rainy and not yet snowy days. No blooms for you.

At 5:53 pm snow flakes have begun to show up in the still falling rain. The constant 40 degrees is now down to 34. Maybe this Winter Storm Warning calling for 2 to 4 inches of snow above 3500 feet, that would be me, is not a false alarm after all.

At least I got a good first wash of the dirt mixed in with the gravel around the new stepping stones today.

By the morning my world could all be covered in white once more. At least the suggested low temps are in the upper 20's and not in the single digit range. That's enough to convince things to stay dormant a while longer without putting a hurting on things that may have jumped the gun a bit to soon.

Funny how this winter that isn't and maybe still is has me thinking I should be planting the roadside vegetable garden now when St. Patrick's Day marks the official start time with the planting of peas, potatoes and greens. I borrowed this date from a gardener in a similar climate zone who learned her lesson from the peas. I grow the sugar snap peas though. Gardy don't shell real peas. Maybe I could get someone else to shell peas cause I do like me some peas.

At 7:03 pm it is now 32 degrees and all snow. It will have to snow harder than that to get to two inches much less four. We'll see what the morning light has to show.


Anonymous said...

There's something about the clarity of the first pic. The snake and creation are very visible. Something's different but I can't quite tell what it is. Sallysmom

Dianne said...

Snow has made it to my house now. It is beginning to stick on the grass. I am hoping for its quick demise tomorrow! I was looking at a map, and as the crow flies, I am only about 10-12 miles across the mountains from you, but at 2000+ ft vs your 4000 ft. By road, I am about 16 miles from Hot Springs. Our daffodils made it through the cold ok, but our low has only been 14 degrees. Some of the hyacinths were not so lucky though. The early ones were burned.

Christopher C. NC said...

Sallysmom maybe you are seeing what I have been seeing, the maple trees look like their buds are swelling. There is the first blush of red in the treetops. Other than that I did clean up all the weeds I have been tossing on the garden access road.

Diane it is supposed to be sunny and 50 tomorrow. It shouldn't stay long. There is a big difference between me up here and down in the valley in Waynesville. You're in the French Broad valley right and have the influence of the river to boot.

Lola said...

It all looks so clean & neat. Seems the rain did wash things good.
Hope the white stuff doesn't stick around.
Cool out tonight.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE shelling peas. It forces you sit on the porch and relax on summer evenings bathed by the twilight. Grow some and invite me'll be very'll see.

I'm crazy about sugar snap peas too:-)


Fairegarden said...

Fresh picked peas are worth shelling, Mister.

thistleandthorn said...

I was gonna offer to shell your peas, but I'm too late, it seems. Too many other ladies lined up.

Christopher C. NC said...

Well maybe I need to grow a mess of peas and invite all you ladies over for a shelling party. One of you is bound to have a great recipe for cooking them too.

Lola said...

ROFLOL, you & them peas. I too was gonna volunteer but see you already had enough help. Just cook 'em with a little butter. Don't want to spoil the taste.