Friday, February 24, 2012

A Furious Wind

My wood burning neighbor has been pimping out my dead hemlocks again. I hope they make it to next weekend when they plan to come get a few more. The wind has blown stiff and steady all day. Late this afternoon it picked up force as the temperature plummeted. Smack in the middle of the picture you can see the top of another dead hemlock flew off this afternoon. It was as tall as the cherry tree in front of it this morning.

This furious wind is going to last for a while longer. This will also be the last chance I give to harvest dead hemlocks.

Closer to the ground nobody really cares about the furious wind. Snowdrops are still coming up in the refrigerated bed on the north side of the cozy cabin by the service entrance. A few other bulbs landed in here too.

The macro and micro climates on this mountain top offers a near dizzying array of extremes compared the steady tropical desert of Maui. Who needs TV when you have the weathers.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

The wind has been blowing here too. The only thing stopping the grill from going off the patio was the trellis at the end. Geez. Watch out for falling trees.

Lola said...

I agree with Lisa at Greenbow. Do watch out for falling trees. There is nothing more interesting than watching nature. She provides plenty of entertainment.

Dianne said...

Lotsa wind, but no snow! Yay...
A morning of winter tomorrow, but then back to spring. Love the winter that is not!

Barry said...

Howzit, Chris,
Got so much wind, den Kona "seabreezes".
Giv'em award for bes' euphemism. Vog is such stink. I fear da winds now, as weeds been madly procreating, even as I go lolo with the hori-hori (bes' tool I have, slay buggahs wikiwiki). I feel Spring yanking hard on Maui now.
Just you wait, it come at you too.
We now return you to your normal haole programming.
I am certain that your springtime will be one of great joy and beauty. Hae you made some preliminary designs for your gate? Those locust posts stand ready!

Siria said...

Hi Christopher! That wind up there can be so ferocious! Hope they are able to work tomorrow!