Wednesday, February 29, 2012

On A Stormless Stormy day

It was supposed to be raining and it wasn't. The sky was completely filled with dark, fast moving clouds. There were random gusts of violent wind and an occasional spritz of rain drops, but no real rain to speak of. I took the chance to lay a few more stepping stones. The ones there kept saying they felt incomplete. This is a little better I suppose.

In my wanderings of late I have found daffodils I forgot about. I keep looking where I thought I planted some and have seen nothing yet.

I remember where others are supposed to be.

Miss Collar has found a new nesting place. Without rain, snow or cold, kitties prefer the outdoor life, preferably on a perch with a view.

Hellebore blooms on a stormless stormy day. These I know came from Fairegarden, Tennessee. So many others have landed here now, where they came from is becoming blurred. They come in many colors, little seedlings that have followed me home.

The storm finally came, a brief wet interlude on a stormless day.


Dianne said...

The storm finally made it here. I suspect you got it as well. Thank goodness we did not have an entire day of that. I have an Apricot tree that bloomed out in pretty full bloom today. I think my husband got an early variety because we never get fruit from it. I expect we will have the same result this year, but...I think spring is very, very close!

Lola said...

Glad you didn't have a down pour. Miss Collar sure looks content. Love the hellebore. So pretty.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Mz Collar is so cute framed in the tree. Hellebores are full blown here. Do you have speckled ones?

Fairegarden said...

How adorable Miss Collar is! The hellebore ain't bad either. I can bring you a million more, just say the word.

Christopher C. NC said...

Dianne that was a lot of huffing and puffing and not much storm. More coming it seems.

Just a brief downpour with some lightning and thunder Lola.

Lisa I got white, speckled and red helleborus too.

Frances don't ask me how, but these little baby helleborus are already setting seed and some haven't even bloomed til this year. Seeds must have snuck in with them.