Saturday, February 25, 2012

One Less Treetop

To the right of the tall cherry tree in the center.

The wind howled all night. Best they come down in sections I think. I wonder where it landed.


Lisa at Greenbow said...


lh said...

I hate to think what the woods will look like when all the beautiful hemlocks have succumbed to wooly adelgids. Last month the little monster bugs were discovered in Meigs County in southeastern Ohio.

Lola said...

It sure will look different with all the hemlocks gone. Don't want to think about that. It's amazing how trees can change how a place looks, or the absence of them.
Hope the winds calm down.
Cooler out tonight & supposed to get some rain tomorrow.

Christopher C. NC said...

Yes a bit scary Lisa.

Lois the hemlocks do have a chance of regenerating. A predator beetle has been released that looks promising and between the treated hemlocks saved and the seed bank said to be viable for another 20 years, they could all grow back over time.

Lola the wind finally stopped thank goodness. Yes with all my hemlocks gone I'll have a bit of a view to the north.

Les said...

If you have had the same winds we have, that tree top could be in the next county.