Saturday, February 18, 2012


I knew to go look while the sun was still shining.

Rain is on the way. Maybe a touch of snow to top it off. The sky was going to turn cloudy.

After two days of warm sunshine more crocus were bound to be out. Dark clouds would cause them to close up shop.

I found many more blooming today, but this is just the beginning. Hundreds more crocus lurk in the leaf litter.

I also found the first signs of trouble from the wacky weathers of this winter that wasn't. Daffodils don't freeze. It appears that daffodil flower stalks can freeze though. After last week's snow and 5 degree low these stems are dessicated and bent. The flower buds look like they are starting to shrivel. I also found a helleborus in the same condition. Unless this is some flower stem boring insect, I think they got froze bent. Fortunately this was an isolated finding.

It is these kinds of things when gardening becomes lessons for life. I am not in control and must accept the things I can not change. It is far better to focus on the beauty that still surrounds me every moment in time.

The anemones were unfazed.

The crocus take advantage of sunny 60 degree days.

They will patiently wait out the dreary and colder days ahead.

There will be better days to bloom again.


Randy Emmitt said...


Sorry to hear 5 degrees kicked some plant butt there. The crocus are lovely one of my favorite plants, so far we have had 9 or 10 different types bloom here this year.

There is a link to a petition to get the EPA to save or attempt to save the honey bees by Tuesday please sign it.

The new word verification sucks man, here it is wonderful reagernsP, ok that didn't work now it is and antimtol please get an easier one dude.

Christopher C. NC said...

Sorry about the word verification Randy. I didn't even know it was on. I don't see it. I find it annoying too. I must have been having a bout of spam and never turned it off. You're a fine squeaky wheel.

Diana said...

What a pretty array of crocuses you have. Sorry about the daffs - that's pretty much all I can grown because of the warmth and the deer. I can relate -- that's my garden motto -- "I am not in charge."

Lola said...

Sorry for the bent stems. There will be many more.
Bad weather S. Ga. It looks at tho it may be around here by morning.
I too didn't like the word verification. Couldn't see most & had to guess. Glad it's gone.