Friday, April 1, 2016

While I Work

I had to look at this half the day.

Then I spent an hour this afternoon looking at this.

While I was trying to sleep last night there was a real gully washer. This is the furthest down the hill the water has gotten from the culvert under my driveway.

No daffodils were harmed in the torrent. Thank you.


Lola said...

I could sit all day & look at this view.

Lisa Greenbow said...

Lovely views.
That was one heck of a gully washer.

Cheryl Krause said...

Is that phlox? Mine is full if blooms but just one lonely flower has opened. I still have daffodils in bud. This has been a strange Spring

Christopher C. NC said...

Lola I get to look at it when I look up from my weeding.

Lisa I get lovely views most every where I go. I hope this gully washer is not a trend.

Yes Cheryl that is a hillside of creeping phlox. Mine is just starting to bloom. We have daffodils still in bud. Bulbarella has planted the earliest to the last bloomers.