Sunday, April 17, 2016

A Day of Editing

I have been spending more quality time in the ridge top garden next door. My garden and the sunny utility meadow are pretty much under control. That leaves more time for chores over there.

A dead locust tree that was about to fall down got cut down. One spirea in a bad place was executed and the rose next to it got a hard haircut. Then I spent an hour weeding out remnant lamium in places I have sprayed it during the winter.

There's no shortage of projects to keep me occupied next door.

That was enough for one day over there. I needed some leisure time.

My leisure is very slow editing and viewing strolls through the garden. That is how I have managed to get control and now be able to keep control of the wild cultivated gardens. Control in this situation has a whole lot of wiggle room.

My neighbor across the scenic byway was here for a few days. Before he left we talked story for a bit and he told me of a new menace in the neighborhood. The man told me wild pigs rooted up his lawn at one of the houses. Right across the byway, wild pigs. Oh dear lord. Please no!

I have seen what pigs can do to a lawn on Maui. It isn't pretty. My best hope is they prefer a properly mowed lawn. Mine does not qualify.

In my day of leisurely editing I have accounted for almost all the bulbs I ordered and planted last fall. The camassia, tall yellow lilies and Foxtail lily are all up. Some are missing, but I expect they will be arriving shortly. What I have not been able to find was the sack of anemones I planted. They should have been here with the crocus. I wonder where they went?

The Serviceberry tree is blooming.

And so is my lawn. The dandelions are about to put on a really big show. Please, please, please don't let no pigs come visiting.


Lisa Greenbow said...

That is scary having wild pigs around. They are a menace. They aren't afraid of people. Be hopeful that they go elsewhere. I will be hopeful for you. The gardens are bursting with blooms. Wonderful. All of your hard work has paid off.

Lola said...

Praying no pigs. I have seen what they can do. Not pretty.