Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Trilliums Rising

It was a wet and icky day. I went to work anyway and was rewarded with the sighting of great patches of Erigeron pulchellus growing along side the road. I think there are some of these in the deep forest, but they don't bloom this well in the shade.

Back home we still have fresh new daffodils.

The newest excitement is the trilliums are beginning to rise. If I didn't have so many of these Nodding Trilliums already, I would stick a shovel in this clump and spread them around. It's not my favorite though. The flowers like to hide beneath the leaves.

My trillium planting seeks out the showier kind. This is allegedly Trillium luteum. It is more like Trillium chartreuseium. First there was one. Now there are three. I'll take it.

The Showy Orchis I relocated from the deep forest is also rising.

This is trillium I forget who. It has been in the ground for three or four years. It is time to start making babies. The flower is getting bigger and showier at least.

I spotted the first Trillium grandiflorum. These are really the showiest with big white petals that turn pink once they are pollinated. There are thousands of these in the deep forest. I needed some in the garden. I moved a dozen or so over.

Now for some really exciting news. I sent an email on Sunday morning to the local list serve I am on about the most recent lost dog.

"There is a long haired, solid black, 40 to 50 pound dog with one blue and one yellow eye hanging around at Betsy's Gap, the county line, Haywood side for the last week. I have been putting out food for three days, but it will not let me get close. The Haywood County shelter was up here last week looking for it. The dog is now limping and moving slow.

Is this someone's lost dog? Is there a dog whisper out there who might try to rescue it?


I came home today to find this email:

"It's a fairly long story but the dog has been rescued and will be adopted as soon as the waiting period is over on Sat.  Then Mon. they will send her to be spayed, chipped, and get her rabie's shot.  I'm the one adopting her.

Three months ago I had to have my beautiful black lab put to sleep.  I had had her as a puppy and she was almost 14.  I haven't wanted another dog until last week and began to feel a bit lonely.  If Mike had only known I was ready to get a dog he wouldn't have taken her to the pound.  But it's ok, she'll get all she needs and then we can begin our life together.  

Her name is now Babe, she's 1-2 years old, in good physical condition (somewhat thanks to your feedings).  She's very friendly and as far as we can tell, never barks.  It took Mike about 45 minutes with his wife Anna coaxing Babe to come to them and finally to get in the car (she rides very well).  Oh, she also smiles.

Babe and I thank you for taking care of her until rescue arrived.  I will love on her as much as I loved Satin and that's huge.  

Do you live in the little yellow grey house below the road?  I just wanted to let you know the outcome.

Here are some happy dog pixs."

This is Babe. Her other eye is yellow. This makes me happy.

'Jane' has made it through the cold with flying colors. This also makes me happy.


Sallysmom said...

So very glad this story had a happy ending.

Dianne said...

What a wonderful story. Thank you for taking the time to help this dog. Seems as if she has found her perfect home.

Dana Foerster said...

What a great dog story with a happy ending......thank you Christopher for being evolved and sharing it with us!

Lisa Greenbow said...

My terilliums are slow to come out this spring. Must be the cold.
So glad that Babe has a new home. She is a lucky doggie. I bet when she is loved, fed and taken care of she will become a fabulous addition to the family.

Carol McKenzie said...

I've been looking at your magnolia long enough...I'm getting one this weekend. Then I can look out the window at my own, any time I please :)

Good job with the dog. Most times we never know what happens to strays: except here; all stray cats end up at my house, and they end up staying. You made a dog and a family very happy.

True story: there's a gas station down the road about a 1/4 of a mile. Went there late one night for a can of soda...saw a skinny gray cat with a green plastic flea collar wandering around, sniffing at the dumpster. Leaned out the window, said, hey there, all the free food you can eat. And then gave him my address. Couple days later my mother called me upstairs, said "There's a cat here to see you." And there he was, skinny gray cat with a green plastic flea collar, sitting at the door. The collar was too small, so we took that off.
Fed the guy, had him neutered, and he's now a huge beautiful cat that lives on our porch.

We put up a flier at the gas station, but no takers. People here tend to dispose of unwanted animals by dumping them on deserted little roads, hence the population of feral cats in the area. When I win the lottery, I want to erect a billboard with a picture of a kitten on one side, and a plastic bottle on the other, with the caption that says "Neither of these are garbage" or something to that effect. Also a billboard that encourages people to use their blinkers and to obey stop signs. But that's a whole different issue.

beverly said...

Congrats on the dog. Those happy endings are always very gratifying. I just got a new rescue dog myself and he is grateful for his new start.

Christopher C. NC said...

I was most happy Babe found a new home. I feel certain she was dumped. When I first saw her she had a collar and what looked like an antenna, but was probably a wire tether. That got taken off some how or I saw twin dogs in one week.

Carol cats are much harder for me to corral. They don't hang out for long most times. Oh the signs I think of. Main one: Litter is Plain Rude! with the address of the garbage station and animal shelter below.

Jan O said...

Babe's story is heartwarming and so good to hear. My son Steve adopted a girl pit bull this week and named her "Keeper". She will be a happy and secure dog, I'm sure. Belonging is so important for us all.