Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A Redo

The flagstones were too thin. The moles were too big and too busy. The paths in the fountain garden were getting messier and more unstable by the day. Something had to be done.

Step one was applying red cayenne pepper to the walkway. That was done twice about ten days apart. The moles needed to go away no matter what was done.

Discussions were had and the flagstone, which really was too thin, was to be removed.

All gone. I suggested a gravel path alone might be enough to encourage people in high heels to take an alternate route. That idea was rejected.

Instead I got some sample paver stones that were much thicker and made for patios and driveways for the Lady of the House to give a yes or no.

The flower beds are still waking up. They are looking good and pretty full, but I expect some filler will be needed. Not bad for its second spring and after being stomped on and trenched through by every conceivable type construction dude you can think of.

I got a yes. The plan is to make two circles around the fountain, one with the smaller square pavers and the other with the larger rectangular ones.

The same rectangular pavers will be used to make a slightly offset, staggered, drunken path in the rest of the walkway. I figure the quests will see this as a straight line. I want a little movement and more interest in the walkway.

The flagstone is gone. The pavers will be delivered tomorrow. I will set them on Saturday. Along with new pavers, all the edging brick was lifted and reset. Some settling of contents had occurred due to tunneling. The mulch was spilling over the top and the gravel was falling in the beds. Damn varmints!

It will be lovely when it is redone.

Meanwhile, at the Posh Estate, the Carolina Silverbell, Halesia caroliniana, is in full bloom.


Lisa Greenbow said...

You need to spread milky spore all over that garden. It will prevent the grubs that the moles are after. It will be good for 15 or so years. This worked for us. I highly recommend it.

Lola said...

I agree. D--- Varmints.