Wednesday, April 6, 2016


I have planted significantly more creeping phlox at the Posh Estate than at my house, but in the absence of mulch, it self sows in my garden a whole lot more. It has been seeding profusely in the center strip of my gravel driveway which I find immensely entertaining.

My patch of phlox is way smaller. It is almost this full.

This is how plants fall out of the ground and follow me home. The yellow twig dogwoods got cut down today for fresh new growth and I ended up with a dozen rooted stem pieces. Five were planted at the Posh Estate on the sunny margin of the woodland garden. The rest came home with me.

When daffodils get divided, a sack of bulbs is usually shared with me.

Maybe it is a peach. I have no idea how it got here. I have no idea how two dozen of them got here. When I pull the excess there is never a peach pit attached. Maybe it will set fruit one year.

Money Plant, Lunaria annua, self sows like a weed. In the shade of the forest it remains rather petite. It will now have to compete with the more robust Celandine Poppy.

It's the plants that do overflow that thrive the best up here. In all this space, they also put on the best show. More is better. Big drifts are good. Visual impact gets the most attention.

Now I want you to imagine a cold, deep snowy day in winter. Behind that half row of evergreen Doghobble below the Great Lawn, hundreds of spikes of deep red and brilliant yellow rise five feet above a bed of pure white snow. That is the plan anyway. The Yellowtwig dogwoods were planted with the Redtwig dogwood stakes I got last Friday.

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Lisa Greenbow said...

That phlox looks gorgeous dripping down that short embankment. I can see those twigs peeking up above the snow. Great idea.