Wednesday, April 13, 2016


A gifted double Bloodroot has returned for another season. You have to look quick. They only last a few days. They have been slow to multiply.

It was sold to me as Trillium sessile. I wonder if it might be T. foetidissimum. It doesn't really matter. It just needs to multiply.

More fresh daffodils

And the ground plain is getting green.

I think I need more phlox from the discard rack. It's time to go for it and cover this slope solid. I have been patient long enough.


Sallysmom said...

Bloodroot at my house is only here for a day. However, I haven't seen a sign of them this year so maybe the drought last summer did them in.

Christopher C. NC said...

One sunny day and it is all over for the wild Bloodroot Sallysmom. If is cool and cloudy they may contemplate opening for a few days. The double Bloodroot seems to have an extra day of bloom.

Lisa Greenbow said...

bloodroot is slow to multiply. It sure is pretty.

Lola said...

Bloodroot sure is pretty. Love the buttercups in #3.