Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Redo Is Almost Done

Much progress was made today on setting the pavers for the walkway redo in the Fountain Garden.

It's almost ready for a fresh layer of pea gravel.

It will be lovely.

The moles will hate it, at least one can hope.

This will be much better and more stable for heavy traffic.

Unfortunately I was five pavers short of a full walkway. The completion date is now set for Monday afternoon.

I was done anyway and way out beyond that highest peak on the right in the far distance another garden was calling.

The world is turning green.

I bought two Shredded Umbrella Leaf, Syneilesis aconitifolia, at the same nursery on the same day. They are two very different plants. This one is coming up as a solid clump and has thicker segments between shreddings.

This one is coming up as a ring. I hope it doesn't mean some damn varmint ate the middle out of it. It is much more finely dissected with thinner segments between shreddings. The flowers are different also. One is more an umbel while the other is a spike. This is unusual for a nursery bought plant.

I'm guessing the pretty pink trillium I saw yesterday was a Nodding Trillium, T. cernuum. Mine are turning pink.

Trillium grandiflorum also turns pink as it ages. I have been most pleased with the progress of these since their relocation out of the deep forest. They are multiplying. That is what I want.

I have a new pavement of Mayapples. It looks like they are about to rush right into the garden, but that is it for the year. They come up and go no farther. The invasion is happening below the ground.


Dana Foerster said...

The May Apples look like a green, army brigade, heading your way.

Lisa Greenbow said...

May Apples are fascinating the way they travel around a forest floor. Your trillium collection is fabulous. You have some I have never seen or heard of. Sweet.