Saturday, April 16, 2016

Wild Trilliums And Creeping Phlox

Me bad. Some trilliums fell out of the ground and followed me home today. It's not like I need more trilliums, especially when I don't know what kind there are. I had to have a few just in case they were something good. I don't know when or if I will ever get back to the place. I sure hope they aren't Nodding Trilliums. I have plenty of those.

I needed more creeping phlox. It is time to give the slope beside my upper driveway a good jolt to make my shocking spring show of creeping phlox bigger and bolder.

I was in a high end, high elevation, gated neighborhood today where the design guidelines require all the homes to be log cabins. I rubbernecked at the houses and landscapes coming and going.

At my destination I got busy cleaning out last year's, maybe the last two years, dead bits and leaves from the beds around an empty house. Before I even started, the waking forest floor outside the landscaped zone caught my attention. It was filled with ramps. Lots of ramps. There were hundreds of what were probably Turk's Cap Lilies coming up. I saw Trout Lily, Larkspur, Toothwort, Thalictrum, Anemones and the first emerging Trilliums. Outside the landscaped zone it was a veritable wild flower paradise.

It made me sad in a way. All these fancy houses had cleared the ground below the forest canopy down to moss or had beds filled with shrubs and mulch. The beautiful wild things had been driven away.

It would just make so much more sense to utilize these gifts of nature. Make some paths. Pick up the sticks. Garden, plant and tidy the forest that came with your house. Don't chase it all away.

You can see why I have no qualms about trilliums falling out of the ground. I brought them to a safe home where the Mayapples roam.

The creeping phlox got planted. I am aiming to fill the bare portion of the slope behind the red painted pole.

These are the last daffodils to open in my part of the wild cultivated gardens. That should take us to May.

Now be something good like T. grandiflorum or one of the red trilliums. A Painted Trillium would be superb. I have given you a good home. Here the leaves stay where they fall. Last year's Lush is laid on the ground to decompose like it is supposed to. I do pick up sticks. You'll never get trapped beneath one. You'll find many of the neighbors familiar. It will be good.

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Lisa Greenbow said...

This is the lucky trillium.