Friday, April 22, 2016

Good Things In The Forest

There is a hillside I know of on a vacant lot in a fancy neighborhood that is chock full of a wide variety of spring ephemeral wild flowers that I could use in the wild cultivated gardens. You know what kind of a temptation that is.

I saw an anemone flower and thalictrum leaves. That was close enough to get me to the right ID, Enemion biternatum, False Rue Anemone.

This is what I saw last year and coveted, Uvularia grandiflora, Large Flowered Bellwort.

I found more growing outside the perimeter of another garden and dug some from there. They have not come back yet. I am a little behind this lower elevation hillside in emergence. They might still come up. They might have died or been eaten by a varmint. I may need to fetch more and try again. They will come to live in my garden.

Do I have this trillium? It looks different. I will have to pay attention to my Nodding Trilliums and see if they age to pink. I think they do.

Would you look at that. While I was fondling the Uvularia I spotted a Showy Orchis.

It was right beside the unusual trillium.

There were more Showy Orchis, quite a few more. My Showy Orchis are weeks behind these. That is why I hope the Uvularia I relocated last year will still come up.

I must have this in the wild cultivated gardens. Big patches just like this. Work and rain put it off for another day.

The beginning test pattern for the new paver walkway in the Fountain Garden was laid out. I can already see a minor adjustment that needs to happen. Pictures are good for seeing things in a different way.

Tomorrow the pavers will be set and a fresh thin layer of gravel will be added.

That hillside I know of is pretty amazing. My forest isn't shabby either.

We just have a different assortment of native spring ephemerals.

And a few of the red trilliums.

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Lisa Greenbow said...

I bet it is difficult not to snatch the rest of the plants you covet.