Friday, April 8, 2016

April Showers

I got some of the sticky kind.

I will probably get more sticky showers tonight.

But snow and a low of thirty two doesn't even faze open azalea blossoms. I'm not worried about more snow tonight. Sunday morning's deep freeze with a possible low of twenty two is a whole lot scarier.

It was all gone when I got back home. Wild Kitty is gone now too. Plenty food and a warming hut on the front porch encouraged him to spend the night. He was here in the morning. I took him to the animal shelter where I hope he will find a new home.

The shelter man asked, is he friendly? Then he scooped him right up for some lovin'. Yes he is much friendlier now. The shelter man also told me he had already been up along the scenic byway looking for the loose dog that has been here for at least a week. Wow. Someone else reported it.

I of course first hope the dog will move on or a dog person will stop and grab him. That wasn't happening, so two days ago I started putting out food. Between me and the shelter man I hope to get the dog rescued.

I wonder where knocked-up kitty is?

I have Creeping Phlox. I did not plant any of it in the center strip of the gravel driveway. Gardens can be full of surprises.

I expect to wake up to snow in the morning. That will be fine. Sunday morning is the real danger zone. My diagnosis is that an inversion will happen early Sunday morning when the wind stops. The warm air will rise to the top and the cold air will sink to the bottom. This happens consistently on the second day of a cold front.

The wild cultivated gardens will be spared. Gardens lower down could get hurt. I can live with that.

Give me a little more time Miss Collar. You'll be able to patrol your territory without an escort soon. Miss Collar does not like any disturbance to the quiet equilibrium


Lisa Greenbow said...

I am glad you are getting the wildlings corralled and taken care of.
Spring snow is a nuisance but that cold is bad. Cold here today. We had sleet yesterday, no snow. It is in the 20s this morning. Brrrrrrr It is mid April. I am ready for some warmth.

Dana Foerster said...

Do ya think I'll get slammed by the inversion at 3,100' on the west side of Wolfpen??

beverly said...

I thought of you while reading this!

Christopher C. NC said...

Lisa tonight is my scariest night. 35 at sunset. Not a good start. No dog sightings today, but it was miserable out there.

Dana the folds of these mountains make all weather hyper local. I don't live over there and have no idea what will happen.

Ah the life of the gardener indeed Bev. The client gardener relationship is as varied and quirky as the clients.

Lola said...

I remember the snows of April. Lol