Monday, April 25, 2016

It Is Done

The redo is done. A new paver walkway was set in the gravel in the Fountain Garden. May it last long and wear well.

I saw a fresh mole hump when I arrived this afternoon. May the mole crash head first into a heavy cement paver and be rendered senseless. Damn varmint!

This will be much better for travel than the too thin flagstone no matter what the mole decides to do. It will also be much easier to sweep to tidy for each new event.

I moved a Hydrangea paniculata that was already crowding the path while I was there. Best to do it now before it became a real problem. The time for flower filler in the beds is fast approaching. The Agastache and mums did not fare well over the winter. The beds need more flowers and less mulch. Several things are still in the waking phase so it will continue to fill in over the next couple of weeks.

Unlike my garden where I could use more mulch and less wild flowers. There is no bare ground in my garden. Is is filled. The Lush is coming.


Lisa Greenbow said...

All is well and good. Doesn't it feel good to get a project like this completed.

Lola said...

good, it's done. Love it.