Tuesday, April 26, 2016

In Gardens Today

An iris blooming for the first time in four years.

It must be the spring without knock down freezes.

These were at work today, planted last fall.

Nice tree peony. First time I have seen the bloom.

Looking for varmints in the sunny utility meadow. I found more cow tracks down there. It is a wonder the beast did not fall through a hole over the stream and break a leg. That would have been truly ugly.

The Lush begins.

Fothergilla by the front porch.

Yes, the Lush Begins.

The pink azalea blooms.

This is my favorite of the deciduous azaleas. Of course I have no idea who it is.

Yes, we have bluebells.

Celandine and Lunaria.

The flight of the pink azalea through the spring forest.


Lisa Greenbow said...

The pink azalea blooms do look like they are suspended in your photographs. Beautiful flowers all. I have a peony tree. It has never wowed me. The blooms are gorgeous of course but they don't last long, maybe 4 days. Do you find that with this peony tree?

Christopher C. NC said...

Lisa I think all peony flowers last about that long. It takes a big fat clump with lots of buds to get an extended display.