Sunday, October 19, 2014

A Mediocre Fall

I've seen better displays. There is more yellow and brown this year than the fiery reds and oranges. Such is the way it is. Even a mediocre fall has plenty of color and it will all be over soon. It's best to enjoy what you get.

The grasses don't have color, but there is nothing better at catching the light.

And when the time comes they will catch the frost.

I'm starting to get ready for when the time comes. My discard variegated Feather Reed Grass got planted in a freshly weeded dung pile to hold them until spring. I'll have a better idea of where I want to place them when the Lush is gone. They will get divided at planting time to make more.

A few more weeks of autumn remain before the barren time settles in. I should make my winter project list.


Lola said...

Oh my, don't you have enough to do already?

Rebecca said...

Once again, your philosophy is spot on! "It's best to enjoy what you get."

Nothing mediocre about the grasses and that blue sky!

Jean Campbell said...

It's all fun.

Barry said...

I agree - so far, autumn is bland, and the recent rains have rinsed the leaves to the ground. Danged blackberry vines didn't get the memo. The brush burning restriction was finally lifted, so I'll get some bramble piles built to create an alkaline ash, since the soil here is hitting 5's everywhere I've tested.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lola I will never run out of things to do.

Rebecca being grumpy about a mediocre fall would be useless, so why do it.

Yes Jean it's all good.

Barry it's best to go with the flow of your acid soil. Changing a soil's pH is near impossible.