Saturday, October 11, 2014

Progress At the Posh Estate #2

In my travels I see all kinds of views. This is at the bottom of the long, quite long, driveway up to the Posh Estate #2. There is a dusting of gold on those mountains when you look close. Fall color has officially arrived.

The new garden is moving right along. Today I planted five trees, two Kousa Dogwoods, two Japanese Maples and one Fringe tree.

A fountain of some kind will be placed in the center of this bed and two benches placed for setting. The tree and shrub part is done for now. Next spring the perennial flowers will get planted. There are several hundred bulbs already in there from the two thousand I distributed throughout the new beds.

A long straight row of daylilies will be the new perennial border. The shrubs will add more interest to the bed and most importantly in the winter when all the flowers are gone. That long row of daylilies is going to get broken up. It will be interesting to see them bloom next year since they could well have been planted in the mid-60's. What kind of daylilies did they have back then?

This is the new kitchen garden. I dug out the two very old hydrangea up against the house because they were too big and blocking the view from the window. The smaller bed by the house needs new small shrubberies. What, I am not sure yet. I still have time to plant.

Good thing because another new bed the entire length of the house needs to be done on the front view side and I have to wait until the stone masons are done with their new porch.

Back in my own garden things are done a bit differently. There is none of that fancy mulched bed business. I planted another Mukdenia today. Now there is one on both sides of the giant iris.

At home I weed out a hole in the Lush and plant. The theory is that as I keep planting and editing and as things keep growing and taking up space, my garden will slowly become more civilized over time. As civilized as a wild cultivated garden can be anyway.

This little area is going to be about foliage and texture. There are two variegated red twig Dogwoods in there on either side of the iris. The best I can say after uncovering them is that they are still alive. They don't look much different from all the others I planted that weren't quite so smothered, so that is good. I hope they have all been busy putting in roots and are ready to start sending up new shoots come spring.

Close by is huge leafed Darmera peltata and large Cinnamon Ferns. Magnolia 'Jane' will hold the center of this composition.

The drive home was really quite colorful north of the interstate. I think things turned in the night.

Tomorrow I plant bulbs from Bulbarella's overflow. There is a sack of Negrita tulips to plant. She couldn't resist the temptation. Will they do here like they have done at Client#1's? Only time will tell.


Rebecca said...

I hope you never take for granted the beauty that surrounds you....(any more than I should take for granted the beauty of the flatter country in which I live).

Post Estate #2 will certainly emerge beautifully next spring/summer! Can't wait to "see" it.

Sallysmom said...

My, my, my. That first and last pic are beautiful in different ways. Just no words for them.

Lola said...

Love it all.

Christopher C. NC said...

I don't Rebecca. I have been fortunate to live in some of the most beautiful places my whole life.

It's looking good out there Sallysmom.

Me too Lola.