Sunday, October 12, 2014

Autumn Is Here

The colors are intensifying.

I am very much liking what my Dawn Redwood is doing. It held it's golden yellow all season and is now turning a coppery bronze. It even grew a little its first year in the ground.

Nice foliage. I hope it grows fast.

The forest trees are taking center stage, but there are still flowers about. The Autumn crocus have popped up. I must say they are not as thrilling as crocus in the spring.

There are mums of course. You won't find any round balls of florist mums in the wild cultivated gardens. I have vigorous hardy mums that you plant once and hope they don't take over.

Now in pink with white edging around the center.

Autumn has arrived. The drive to work tomorrow should be gorgeous.

The leaf peepers were certainly out in force today. My roadside attractions are getting photographed even more right now.


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Sallysmom said...

Love that Dawn redwood. Gorgeous!

Lola said...

I feel sorry for people that don't take time to see God's beauty