Friday, October 17, 2014

Last Chance

Time is running out. The macrophylla hydrangeas that all pretty much froze to the ground last winter are just now big enough and mature enough to bloom. Very shortly they will get frozen again. Such is their fate every other year it seems.

I have one of these blue lacecaps out there in the Lush. It froze to the ground last winter. Because it was newly planted the previous fall, there wasn't much of a crown for regrowth. It finally grew back to small shrub size, but it didn't get big enough to bloom. Maybe next year.

Despite what the marketeers say, all H. macrophylla bloom best on older mature canes. Having those canes survive the winter and late spring freezes is the challenge at the edge of their tolerance. Root hardy, no problem. Tons of flowers, iffy.

In my travels I see all kind of views. I'm beginning to wonder if this is not going to be a fall showing for the record books. Lighting is critical to the intensity of color, but this year just feels muted. Maybe next week will prove me wrong.

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Unknown said...

My Mcrophylla hydrangeas froze back last winter, too. I'll be up next week.....Hope I see some blooms like yours!