Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Fall Is For Planting

The planting has begun at the Posh Estate #2. On Saturday I planted about 2000 bulbs, mostly daffodils, a sack of tulips, German iris, some crocus and anemone. I also went shopping for shrubberies and they have begun to be placed in the ground.

Fall is a great time to plant and the idea is to get the main backbone of shrubs planted in the new beds now, then plant all the perennial flowers come spring.

Two medium sized trees will be planted in front of the new foundation plants to help shade the dining terrace and a bench placed between them to sit and enjoy the new garden. I'm leaning towards Kousa Dogwoods at the moment for their June bloom time. The plan for the Posh Estate #2 is for it to be a B&B and wedding venue. June is a good time for some focal point trees to bloom in white.

The plants look closer to the house than they are. I always leave a minimum of three feet between the house and shrubs. All the plants are dwarfs too. Gardy tries to plan ahead for minimum pruning in the future. I should be retired before they get too big and hard to control.

On the opposite side of this former lawn a screen to hide the parking lot is going in. Yes. this house has a parking lot. I have mentioned twice now the idea of cutting a planting hole in the middle and making a circular driveway.

I'm using a variety of shrubs for winter interest and spring and summer bloom. There are three kinds of holly and hydrangea, weigela, several chamaecyparis cultivars, Bird's Nest Spruce, daphne, Goshiki osmanthus and topiary boxwood from our first shopping excursion. More will be added.

This entry garden is just one of five new major planting areas. I've killed a whole lot of grass to make a new garden for the Posh Estate #2

As is usually the case when I go spend big bucks with a client, I need a token consolation plant for myself. This is Mukdenia rossii 'Crimson Fans'. That red in the leaf is its summer color.

A bit more unusual is this old stump that followed me home. Some plant from a long ago garden, I'm guessing a juniper, had been cut flush to the ground. The stump had to go so I dug it out. Thankfully it came out easy.

The flush cut made it stand level when turned upside down. Well that might be interesting. Once I wash the dirt off or it gets weathered off I will find out if I have a new piece of art or a piece of firewood.


Lola said...

I would like to see a sculpture from it. It is all looking good.

Unknown said...

You reminded me:I need to plant my tulip bulbs this month....will use the open-ended tin cans that Lola suggested, to keep the varmints at bay.
I like your "crimson fan"...very pretty!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

one of the gardens I toured some time ago had stumps turned over and they placed a slab of stone on it to make end tables for a bench. I hope you get sculpture or a table from this root.