Friday, October 3, 2014

Winding Down

The suggested low for Sunday morning has dropped another degree to 33. Hiding in the fine print is that a scattered freeze warning may need to be issued as the situation develops.

I best enjoy things while I can.

It was a wet and rainy day, perfect for a nap and light vacuuming. The Feather Reed Grass arcs with the extra weight of rain. It will stand right back up as it dries.

The Blue Wood Asters bloom on. A light freeze won't faze them. It takes a killing frost to put them down.

The sun was peaking out after my nap. The guilt associated with rest sent me up to the roadside produce stand to get started on fall cleanup. It was my planned chore for Sunday.

I'll need a clean slate for a fresh covering of composted dung and wood chip mulch. That is still a bit of time away.

There is still food in there. I found a tomato and yellow bell pepper for dinner. There are potatoes yet to dig and parsnips that won't be harvested until after several frosts turn them sweet.

The sunflower carcasses are left for the birds for now.

The time of vegetation is winding down. I wait for the leaves to turn in earnest. The barren time is near. Soon the under garden will reemerge and I will find out how much if any it has grown this year.


Lola said...

Naps & rain are a good thing. Good the roadside garden is still going.

Christopher C. NC said...

Rain means I can stay home which means I can have a nap. I know my body craves it. My mind just frets about getting things done.

Unknown said...

My phone chirped this afternoon and it was a freeze warning for Waynesville! Yikes! Last week it was actually warm up there. I'm coming back up on the 19th....will I need long underwear?! Any Fall colors on your mountain yet?

Christopher C. NC said...

One should always have long underwear on hand Dana. Still pretty green.