Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Last Bits

Another 24 hours until the snow falls. The prognosticators keep adding inches of snow and subtracting degrees of warm. There is the suggestion of strong winds.

This fall has lingered a bit longer than usual in the absence of killing frosts. Those killing frosts are now going to come with a wallop it appears.

Most of the leaves are already down.

Finally my baby sumac is showing some color. One of the main reason I planted it was for the good fall color. This one seems off compared to the ones I see along the highway much lower in elevation. All those turned colors weeks ago.

Wet snow, high winds and the low 20's. We can kiss these colored leaves goodbye.

The process of the Tall Flower Meadow getting pressed back into the earth will commence in earnest.

Then when the snow melts and the sun comes out I will go looking to uncover the under garden.

A new season of vegetation will be cast by seeds blown to the wind. Where they land and where they will germinate to form a future Tall Flower Meadow is out of my hands.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I thought of you and your garden when I saw on the weather that your area is to get 12" of snow. I hope you have your milk and bread.

Christopher C. NC said...

What? 12"!! Last I looked it said 4 to 6. Either way I will be prepared to stay put.

Layanee said...

I will look forward to YOUR snow pictures. It has to end I suppose but the snow adds light to the landscape. This one seems a bit too soon though.