Thursday, June 10, 2021

Big Foliage In A Wild Garden

First up are big flowers on the Kousa dogwood. The bloom is so heavy the branches are drooping. The passing thunderstorms bend them even lower. I have been here long enough to watch a small sapling, planted when Hale Mana was officially finished, grow to a full sized tree ..... and still growing.

Thermopsis caroliniana

It takes big and bold to stand out in the Lush.

Darmera peltata, Cinnamon Fern and Aralia cordata 'Sun King'.

Persicaria polymorpha with more growing trees, Nootka Cypress, Bosnian Pine and Foster's Holly.

Mowed paths meander through the Lush.

To wander in search of what's in bloom today.

Like the iris that didn't with some that will.

Leucothoe, Persicaria polymorpha and Miscanthus sinensis 'Morning Light'.

On the Great Lawn, a negative space in the garden that is just as important as big bold foliage.

The wild ferns are still a bit smaller than usual this year. Last spring was not kind to them.

Spikenard, Aralia racemosa


And in the world of botanical oddities, Carrion Flower, Smilax herbacea.

It wouldn't be a garden without them.


Gypsy said...

Good Morning, Christopher: The garden is looking especially lovely after all the recent rains. Lush, green and healthy. Nootka is sitting pretty and tall within the wild things. Conifers seem to take forever to attain their height/maturity, don't they. Eventually they approach the beginning of their grandness and make such a wonderful statement in the landscape. Like your wild ferns. I only have Christmas and Cinnamon ferns albeit LOTS of them; nothing as grand as yours. Have a good weekend. Warm regards, Gypsy

Michele said...

Your landscape, both wild and tamed, are beautiful. Especially the ferns and rocks!

Christopher C. NC said...

Gypsy the conifers are twice as slow as the deciduous plants, a marked difference. We may be at 4" of rain for the week. Next week is looking dry. I think my other main fern is a Woods Fern, a Dryopteris species.

Thank you Michele. My garden is unique.