Sunday, June 6, 2021

The Roadside Vegetable Garden 2021

This weekend has been making an attempt at warm and steamy. The shift to summertime afternoon showers is underway.

It is the kind of warm and rain fine produce wants.

Up by the roadside, I am ready.

This years crops are planted and ready for the warm. Feral parsnips are getting ready to bloom.

Up and growing are tomato, pepper, potato, pole beans and black beans. A second sowing of beets and carrots with slug bait added got done. Okra and more parsnips were also seeded. The squash seedlings can grow for another week in their seed trays. They will be fine. Bigger is better than freshly sprouted seedlings.

This is the tidiest garden you will see on the place.

Everything else is wild. The little hill above the roadside vegetable is packed full of daylilies. When they bloom well it is a major show. We shall see what happens. All the daylilies got smacked pretty hard by the spring freezes. I think that weakens the summer bloom.

I culled some reverting to greener, more vigorous clumps in the grass Miscanthus 'Morning Light'. Variegated plants reverting to the green type is a pretty common event. I've never seen it happen in grasses until now.

The first thunderstorm of the season is currently rolling by. My computer has no connection to the internet. Must be a big cloud. The kind that can have hail. The baby pictures of the roadside vegetable garden of 2021 show it looking mighty fine. So far.


Gypsy said...

Hi Christopher: Your veggie garden is looking very neat and substantial; I’m envious. The only area that gets sufficient sun on our property is the septic field hence no veggies for us. I tried one year on the edge of my flower bed. Out of four tomato plants I got three tomatoes, the bunnies ate the emerging beets (my favorite), the cucumbers wilted and carrots were a no show. Herbs I’m doing good; love my rosemary, thyme and oregano. Basil for some reason always turns yellow. Tarragon not worth the bother. Gypsy

Christopher C. NC said...

Growing vegetables is pretty easy with a good plot. Minus any pestilence of course. I plant stuff and harvest some of what happens. What happens varies year to year.