Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Wedding Cake For Sale

This is spring #3 for the Wedding Cake Garden. After a slow then frozen start, the cake reached a good deal of baked for June. I've been waffling a bit on if I even like this as a garden, but what are you supposed to do with stone walls that just scream wedding cake? Those stone walls were going to be featured not hidden in a planting of mine.

I think it is the yellow of the Vinca minor 'Illumination' that is the jarring note. It had that nice blue vinca bloom this spring before the flowers froze. That pale blue and yellow together was unusual and never seen before. Some plain green vinca creeped in and I have let it be thinking as the two mingle the 'Illumination' will become more like glitter on a greener backdrop.

The "Wee White' hydrangea has to grow back too. There is supposed to be white hydrangea on top of all that yellow vinca. They all sprouted from the base. The tops died back to the ground which is not normal for Hydrangea arborescens. At least nobody is eating them this year. No more fertilizer. They were too juicy, tasty and succulent on the juice.

The Wedding Cake Garden is officially for sale. It can be yours for 6.5 million. It comes with the rest of the garden of course, including the Almighty Falls.

The other ingredients of the cake are Brilliance Autumn Fern, 'Biokovo' Geranium and Hosta 'Patriot'. I'm hoping I will grow to like it more as it continues to mature and fill in. The ferns need to be bigger and fatter. Next year if there is one.

Other gardens are priceless.

I watched a sapling I saw in dreams grow into a tree.


Gypsy said...

Hi Christopher: Beautiful establishment, beautiful views, and beautiful gardens. Your hard work and creative contributions definitely added to the overall value of the Inn. Thanks for including the link to the listing; it was fun to see the interiors. Interesting price history. The boon and bust of real estate is evident. Success in managing it is partly luck, good timing and good ole dinero. And, yes, dreams are priceless especially when they are your own that come true. Gypsy

C. C. said...

Wow. That "farm" is incredible. And your work on the gardens is stunning! There are few times when I wished I were truly rich, but I'd prob plop down some coin to buy that place.

And yes, your own place is priceless!