Saturday, June 5, 2021

Blue Light Special

Out in the gloaming with Potentilla running, Liatris pushes through in the process that leads to bloom.

Blue Baptisia

In the low blue light.

It is a time of enchantment.

This is the reality of a hillside maintained as a meadow. I have been out editing generously because it is my want.

To have more of the blues

A complete metamorphosis of the garden in living motion.

Big and Bold

Two Carrion Flower survived the asparagus phase. The others were plucked as juicy spears like you would eat wild asparagus.

There is every kind of wild thing

Where sunlight reveals the true purple of Black Iris.


Gypsy said...

Hi Christopher: Warm and humid here but looking at your blue Baptisia makes me feel cooler. Mine have gone to seed for the first time since I planted them. For some reason, the flowers always disappear at the end of their bloom. It will be nice to get some seeds from my Lemon Meringue which I bought solely because I liked the name. That Black Iris is cool too especially when highlighted by the sun and you can see the underlying purple. I have a glass vase that does the same thing. Warm regards, Gypsy

Christopher C. NC said...

I have never noticed if my Baptisia make seed. I'm just happy to get the few bloom spikes I do. They are not robust plants in the competition of my garden. Or maybe it is the elevation? Compared to other gardens, my Baptisia are wimps.