Saturday, June 12, 2021

The Planting Of Cucumber And Squash

Could it be? Is this step one in repaving the Haywood County side of Highway 209? The last two miles, at the top and with the most curves, had all the tire ruts and long cracked depressions paved over. They have a much more level surface to work with now.

Up by the roadside the Miscanthus 'Morning Light' has pretty much claimed the entire front bed after all these years. The weed flowers like Chicory, Ironweed and Asters will join in when it is their time. The Chicory has commenced.

The Meidiland Rose at the entrance to the roadside vegetable garden is now in bloom. I had business to attend to up there.

In between rumbly thunderstorms that is keeping the garden well watered.

The planting of the cucumbers and squash was done. This is hopefully a squash department. I did not label any of the seed trays. Things cucurbit all look a lot alike as seedlings.

These are the black bean, bell and sweet banana pepper aisles. The beans got thinned.

The tomato department is looking especially nice this year. So far. The short cold snap that got down to 38 didn't seem to phase them.

The okra has germinated. The what I think are the cucumbers which looked stunted were set out. The cucurbits were all seeded, not germinated before the cold spell. As backup, fresh cucumber seeds were also planted.

About now is when a hail storm could arrive. The thunder can make me a bit jumpy. It is when a torrential downpour starts that I keep my fingers crossed and pray no hail.

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Gypsy said...

Hi Christopher: Well, I would take rumbly thunderstorms over hail any day of the week. Several years ago a friend came to visit and I brought her to the Asheville area for several days. On our way out of town, we got caught by a surprise downpour that subsequently turned into hail. Being from California, she thought it was the coolest thing. My DH not so much. Especially after he got the repair bill for all the dings on the hood of my car. It was in June, too. Hope that stuff doesn’t show up to ruin your gardens. Especially those tomato bushes. They are looking ever so healthy. Heck, in general the veggie garden is looking to provide a bumper crop this year. Gypsy