Friday, June 18, 2021

Vegetable Assault

Everything was perfect until it wasn't. Hot pepper water seemed to work the first night. The next night there was payback.

The Peckerheads rooted holes in the roadside vegetable garden from one end to the other. It must have been a team effort.

It's the mulch. It makes for a perfect worm factory. The Peckerheads are gorging themselves on worms. I need to rethink the mulch. The vegetables are just collateral damage. Germinating seeds don't fare well.

All pecked up and at least half a dozen fresh piles of scat left in the walkways on a hot summer night.

Next up was some store bought granular critter repellant. It's the garlic, clove and putrid egg concoction.

It's the raccoons as suspected. There is photographic evidence,. Peckerheads! There was a little less pecking in the vegetables with the rotten eggs. So they moved down to the Great Lawn.

Up along the scenic byway, the beets, parsnips and cucumber are struggling under the assault. I keep putting out seeds.

Then wander off in the Lush in the in between time.

Wild grasses are in bloom.

Thermopsis spears into the last rays of the sun. 

Louisiana iris opens in the heat.

It's a jungle out there. The lights blink in the night.

All kind Peckerheads are out wandering the paths.


RobinL said...

Grrrr, garden pests! Here we are in suburbia, and deer have to travel a bit to get to our lot. But they decided that our first try at sweet corn would make a good snack. Argh!

Christopher C. NC said...

Robin I gave up on sweet corn years ago. The raccoons always harvested the entire crop three days before it was ready to pick.

JudyB said...

About using hot pepper as a deterrent: We recently got a puppy. My husband had the bright idea to sprinkle cayenne on his shoes to stop the puppy's chewing. The puppy just licked it off.

Christopher C. NC said...

JudyB I am not convinced the cayenne pepper spray is working on any varmint.

deb said...

Hey guy, glad to see you're still blogging and missing your beautiful photos on fb. Sorry that coons are eating your garden 🙁. But your photos are amazing as usual. I need to visit here more 🥰. Deb