Wednesday, November 12, 2008

All Kind Trim

There hasn't been any gardening going on of late. We have been working non-stop trying to get the cozy cabin ready for the framing, rough electric and rough plumbing inspection before the building contractor heads south for the winter. Alas we did not make it. Even so, good progress is being made. Every little detail that gets completed makes it more of a finished house.

There is trim around the front door, trim around the fixed glass windows in the loft wall, and there are the fascia trim boards on the front porch and back stoop. I even managed to get that one screw I couldn't quite reach on the tippy top back end of the loft roof screwed in.

The main roof looks done. But, I still need to climb up to the peak above the front door and half circle window and permanently attach that end of the ridge cap. It's on the list.

I will continue on. The railings and the metal roofs for the front porch and back stoop can be done. I need to add some extra framing inside to help support all the kitchen and bath cabinets and the shower door. I can even do the short set of stairs for the front porch with a minimum of consultation.

There's all kind things to keep me busy during the cold.

I do plan to take a little break from building construction when the contractor leaves and spend some quality time gardening before it really is too late.

The new septic drain field, a large chunk of my future gardens has been generously covered with a layer of free mulch for the winter rest. It is nice not to have the bare earth exposed. This should help reduce any slight erosion hazards.

Bulbarella was out in her ridge top garden and spied more flags in the dwindling vegetation that identified clumps of daffodils that needed dividing. I was the lucky recipient of about six big bags of daffodil bulbs that will find a new home in all this open space. Come spring I can look out over the beginnings of a field of daffodils.


Anonymous said...

Oh those daffodils will look wonderful! Sometime I'd like to see what your view out your cabin windows is - if you haven't already shown it and i missed it...and glad to hear about that danged screw!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

The cozy cabin is coming right along. It will be such a wonderful sight to look out on that daffodil field and think back to when you were just dreaming about it all.

chuck b. said...

Six big bags of daffodils and a hillside to plant them in. I would have had an orgasm.

Christopher C. NC said...

Bev now that I have windows I can do some window view shots.

Lisa it is coming along slowly but surely, just like the garden.

Chuck, please, I am waiting until they leave to plant my daffodil bulbs. That reminds me, I need to package up and mail out seeds for folks.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic Christopher. The cozy cabin sure is looking fine. And that view out your window on the field of daffodils will be superb. Nothing like it. I can vision you in your cozy cabin resting, waiting for Spring so you can get to gardening.
Glad you finally got that darn screw.
I really like the way the drain field looks with all those lovely chips. Lucky you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Christopher, you did get a lot done. Sorry the inspection won't happen now, is that what you were saying? And so glad about that pesky screw too. It look wonderful and homey already. I think the porch is making a huge difference in how welcoming it is. Facing the visitors as they come down the drive, it is like a smiling face to greet them, with the loft windows for eyes, the half circle for nose and the porch smiling widely. Then the landscaping around it is in, it will be a jewel in the forest. You must be so proud.

Oh that Chuck, he is so funny. :-)

Anonymous said...

You are working as frantically as the squirrels and chipmunks getting ready for winter. I love this cottage and can see you, some day, sitting on the front porch coffee in hand!

Christopher C. NC said...

Lola the drain field is covered with all the leaves that fell from the trees, even easier than wood chips.

Frances, I am going to finish the last few framing items and ask for just the framing inspection so I can go ahead with the Hardie plank siding. I'm hoping since new construction in Haywod county has slowed to a near stop the inspector man won't mind an extra trip later for the plumbing and electric inspection.

Layanee, the day I am sitting on my front porch, coffee in hand from the coffee pot in my small galley kitchen will be sweet indeed.

Annie in Austin said...

I'm so glad you could finally attach that difficult to reach screw, Christopher - it may not have been the most difficult part of the work but was scary to read about!

Seeing those divided daffodils growing on your hillside will probably make Bulbarella's heart sing - we moms get such a kick out of seeing our kids' gardens in bloom ;-]

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Cindy, MCOK said...

Since I'll never get to build a cabin on a mountainside, I am thoroughly enjoying reading about your doing so! Here's to continued success and many beautiful pictures of the daffodils in bloom!

Anonymous said...

OMG, I looked again & realized that it was leaves not chips. Even better. I knew I needed to have my glasses changed. lol