Monday, November 3, 2008

Golden Twilight Of The Oaks

Resistant to the early snow and deep freeze that left the maple leaves crispy and browning, the oaks glow into their prime.

A golden light of hope precedes the darkness, before a new day dawns.

The setting sun hides behind the forest trees now. A thin slice through the canopy was deemed sufficient for a view. The actual reality of living in the forest is more important then looking at the forest in the distance.

How much sky do you really need?

When there is enough to be able to see an entire flock of UFOs


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pix Christopher as always. The mighty oak, so majestic & strong---wonder why it keeps it's leaves so long? Maybe to show the world that another season is coming, be patient. Another day is dawning, just as this one is ending. Hold on to your hope, as another chance is coming.
Do hope the kitties will be safe & warm as I'm sure they will come into the basement when the time is right.

Gail said...

Some of us need a lot of sky! My husband loves two things from his childhood...the big sky and feeling the wind on his face! Me, I like my sky seen through glowing leaves. Take care.


Anonymous said...

Hi Christopher, I wondered about your *lesser* view down the mountain. Guess there is no need to fret about that! Were we supposed to be seeing ufos in that photo? Your new camera is a jewel!


Phillip Oliver said...

So majestic and beautiful - lovely color.