Monday, November 24, 2008

In Between Foul Weathers

Determination drives me. There is no schedule, no due by date. An amorphous 'finished by' haunts the mid future of next year. Layers of snow, cruel cold winds and temperatures down to 20 that might warm to 45 impede a continuous flow of cabin construction activities.

But the front porch has the bulk of its railings now.

Firestop caulk for electric wire holes and spray foam insulation for around the doors and windows has a temperature range for optimum use. Generally it needs to be above 40 degrees to use these products. I wait for the temperature to rise and begin the process of sealing and insulating the cracks and crevices. Every little bit that gets done makes the cozy cabin more air tight. Just maybe it feels a little warmer inside.

Next come the steps and the banisters for the front porch. Maybe even a stretch of warm sunny weather might see the porch's metal roof go on.

I have some time to kill while I wait for the daffodils to show themselves on the other side of the line in the leaves and a new round of gardening can begin.

Today a cold rain (drops on the lens) pushed by a steady wind melts a good bit of the snow before another layer is added tonight and tomorrow. The back stoop is smaller. Perhaps I can do the side railings for it in between bouts of foul weather.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Chug on Christopher. You will be so happy when the cabin is all snug and you are entertaining guests with stories about the good ole days when you fought the weather and other obstacles but overcame all to have your charming abode.

Word verification tonight is bless. I think this very appropriate for your cabin.

chuck b. said...

But don't wear yourself down. Cold weather is avoidance-worthy.

Anonymous said...

Good for you for forging onward. As a fellow house-builder (although on the inside), I know it seems it will never be finished - but the satisfaction with each new accomplishment is to be treasured! At least you're not torn between gardening and building right now! (:


Frances said...

Chugging and plugging are both good words for your determined work ethic. The front porch really dresses up the cozy cabin. We have been quite cold here, way below normal and record breaking for this time of year. They are predicting a warm up for our big meal. I hope you and your family and friends enjoy yours and get a little warmth too.

lola said...

Way to go Christopher. Each little thing that is done makes it closer to completion.

chuck b. said...

Now it looks like I don't salute your work ethic.

Siria said...

Hi Christopher! That front porch looks great. I too salute you for forging forward and working in that COLD. Hopefully after today it will be warming up a bit for you. I agree with Chuck though...put you feet up and take a breather once in a while. You deserve it! Right now, it is pretty cold and windy, but the skies show no sign of snow.

Christopher C. NC said...

At least I can get some things done. If the weather had been like this last year I never would have been able to get that much done on the two dry stack stone walls. Good thing I have more options this winter.

Siria I got a dash of snow last night that roared in like a freight train. There is still a roaring wind out there. The snow looks to be in SW Virginia. It may or may not get here. Yes we'll have Wednesday and Turkey day of good weather before more rain for Friday.

Mark said...

Hi Christopher! That front porch looks great. I too salute you for forging forward and working in that COLD. Hopefully after today it will be warming up a bit for you.