Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Very Fine Thing

The big day has finally arrived. It seemed like it would never get here. The acrimonious process just drags on forever now it seems. I could have voted early, but I wanted the full local experience, the chance maybe to see some more of my neighbors.

Let's head down the mountain to my polling station.

I think I have been trying to kill off fall a bit too early. There is still a ton of color left in the forest. The tone is decidedly different. An infusion of brown mixes with a more rust red and more amber yellows. The hills look like they have been doused in a light coat of red barn paint.

Here we are, the entrance to the Fines Creek Volunteer Fire Department, station 2600, established in 1990, my new polling station.

The volunteer fire department is the building on the right. The parking lot is full. At 9:45 am, I had to wait behind one elderly couple. About six more people came in behind me. I have no idea if this would be considered a big turnout in this neck of the woods.

Out along the highway in front is this very interesting building. The steps up to the white doors were sort of blocked off. I'm not sure if this building is still in use. Next door was an equally old looking Fines Creek Public Library.

Back on top of the mountain this fine new building has gotten the rafters in place for the roof for the back stoop. Now it just needs the purlins and it will be ready for roofing.

We are all lucky to still live in a nation were we have the opportunity to change things if we see fit.

Know Hope.


Anonymous said...

Strange looking building--wonder if it's a warehouse of some kind. Beauty still abounds. The cozy cabin is still coming along.

chuck b. said...

It was beautiful and very autumnal in Big Sur this weekend. Alas, no pictures.

I think your guy carried your state--congratulations! (well, WOlf Blitzer just right now called the whole country for Obama, so it doesn't matter what NC did.)

Congratulations, Prez Obama!

Starbucks was a polling place I passed by on my way home. Alas, I voted by mail.

Anonymous said...

Hi Christopher, I remember passing those building on the way up your mountain and wondered about their original use. Your cabin is a fine building, the porches make it more homey looking. You will be calling it home soon. And yes, a new day has dawned.


Cheryl said...

First Hawaiian presdident!

Another bit of trivia. Delaware is the first state, but we have never had a president from Delaware. Biden wasn't born in Delaware, but it is his adopted state.

Anonymous said...

Hi Christopher! That was very interesting! I really liked going along with you to vote. I voted by mail this year. Yesterday was pretty amazing...not only a historic event, but thankfully, an end to the awful ads and numerous phone calls from political parties. Now we all need to pull together behind Obama for the sake of our wonderful country. I am truly hopeful! My daughter is going to the inaguration this year with her high school. I have tried to volunteer as a chaperone, but unfortunately they only want teachers and they have enough of them already. Oh well...

Was that building the old Fines Creek School building? I think the new school is the new one closer to me in Crabtree. Your cabin is looking amazing. I hope you get all that roof work done before the building contractor leaves for the winter.

Unknown said...

You had a very lovely drive on your way to vote yesterday, Christopher. I'm happy with some of the changes (am keeping my fingers crossed that this whole "Yes We Can" attitude continues... and am happy that my home state didn't pass a casino bill with huge loopholes) but not with others. (Seriously, California?!!!!)

Christopher C. NC said...

Yes indeed, the first Hawaiian president Cheryl, with due respect to the great state of Illinois.

Lordy, the phone rang here non stop with political calls and the mailbox was filled with slimy propaganda.

I look forward to the respite and pray that they don't start this nonsense til November of 2011.

Siria that building very well might have been a school.

Annie in Austin said...

The official call came about an hour ago - North Carolina was declared blue on the election map.

Voting takes place mainly in schools where I live - and with no scenery like yours, Christopher!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Unknown said...

http://finescreek.org/ for info on the buildings