Thursday, November 20, 2008

Snow Pack

It is beginning to feel like last winter was a gentle welcome to lull me into thinking this cold and occasional snow isn't so bad. I can handle.

The first real snow last year was on December 6th. There had been some very real cold and a few dustings of sleet in November, but that was it. It all melted fairly quickly within a day or two.

This year winter is off to a much more ferocious start. The sleet was skipped altogether and we went straight to snow on October 28th. This last snow on November 16th was three to four inches and there have been a couple of morning lows at 20 degrees. The highs are kind when they get to the mid 40's and even more kind when the wind stops blowing, you wretched wind.

Another bout of snow is diagnosed for tonight and tomorrow with a high of 30 degrees for Friday and a low of 15 Saturday morning. It's not even officially winter yet. That starts a month from now. What's up this this early, deeply cold, winter weather?

It has been way too cold for the last snow to even melt half way and there is more a commin'. It sure won't be warm enough to melt any of it in the next few days.

There is snow in the weather diagnosis for Monday as well. More snow.

This stuff could really start to pile up. Is there supposed to be a snow pack in the southern Appalachian Mountains in the winter?

I did manage to get some cutting, measuring and marking done for the railings for the front porch and back stoop of the cozy cabin today because I shoveled all the snow off and they finished melting and dried. Tomorrow morning they may be covered again.



Anonymous said...

And you moved here from Hawaii? Why again?

Anonymous said...

Good grief! You are getting blasted. Didn't you say you used to live in Colorado, though?
I admire anyone who shovels snow so he can measure to keep building. Wow!!


Anonymous said...

The pics are awesome as usual but for some reason the 4th down is my favorite. The depth is fantastic to my eye. Could be that it reminds me of a very pleasant place in my heart.
Do stay warm & help the spotlets stay warm too. They are so fortunate to have you.

Anonymous said...

No snow here yet but it is quite chilly! Beautiful pics and the inside of the cozy cottage is nice to see.

Anonymous said...

The weatherman here has said that we are to expect a NORMAL winter this year, meaning much colder and more snow and ice than the warmer than normal winters of the last few. We were lulled into thinking climate change had lessened our winters and it would be a permanent change. Looks like we are in for a real winter. Are you well stocked with long johns, gloves, hats and hot chocolate? How about the Spots?


Christopher C. NC said...

LAND, Jim. I moved here so I could own the land.

Yes Bev, I lived in Colorado for six years, three winters in Vail. I have been having flashbacks.

Thanks Lola. Why did you leave and go to Florida? The spotlets are pretty cozy in their cat house. The kittens are funny to watch pouncing around in the snow.

Layanee, the snow must be getting stuck in the mountains before it gets to you.

Frances, I have all the needed winter undergarments, hats and gloves. I may need some snow boots though if this keeps up. The Spots seem content, though there was a protest when I switched to a generic cat food. And I have to refill their water bowl several times a day because it freezes. They still don't want to come in.

Anonymous said...

Long story, Christopher. Now I'm stuck.