Friday, November 21, 2008

Snowed In

I am a bit outside of the average weather diagnosis. The inch of suggested snow for the area was at least triple that up here. There is mention at least of "THE FAVORED NORTHWEST FLOW AREAS ALONG THE TENNESSEE LINE, THAT THE SNOW SHOWERS SHOULD RETREAT BACK TO." Which sounds like it will keep snowing up here. Why are extreme weather forecasts always in bold caps?

The last word of this winter weather advisory for Haywood county at Ray's Weather Center was "HIDE." I like that Ray uses more descriptive words to talk about the weather. I was thinking of going to town today for a few items I need for the cozy cabin, thinking it would be to cold to work, but it can wait.

Uncle Ernie looks over a frozen road side vegetable garden and watches the few cars go slowly by. It must really be snowing out there because the road was pretty well covered with slushy snow. The plows must be busy lower down. Often the high roads may be all that need plowing and they have kept on top of this road to an amazing degree until today.

Uncle Ernie and I have pretty much similar hairdos now when I take off the knit hat. Yikes!

The Blue Wood Aster and the Ageratina start the process of returning to the earth. All this wind and snow could be called the big mush. It bends and breaks the taller perennials and presses them into the ground. All will be laid flat in no time.

This has been a beautiful powder snow from the start. I wonder what ever became of my old skis?


chuck b. said...

Someone should invent a knit hat that doesn't mess up your hair. I hate that.

chuck b. said...

Uncle Ernie looks great in all seasons.

Frances said...

Brokenbeat reported that the schools were closed today although there was little if any snow at his house but two to three inches up towards Weaverville. Hope you are well stocked with supplies. Number one, toilet paper. HA


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I hope you have a good book and some hot chocolate to keep you occupied.

Kim said...

Christopher, is your hair yellow and orange and blue and white, too?

Christopher C. NC said...

Chuck it is a good thing the only people who see me are driving by.

Frances-- Toilet paper and rice and you're good to go.

Lisa I was doing book work today, but my mom is a bookworm so the house is filled with books.

Kim my hair has some yellow, brown and even a few sprigs of white. I found a nifty neon orange cap in good shape from the NCDOT on the side of the road today.

lola said...

Yikes, looks like Uncle Ernie got surprised by all this. He looks so forlorn--maybe some company would help him out.
Great pics, Christopher. It sure looks pretty.
Maybe a sled ride down your drive. That would be fun.