Saturday, November 29, 2008

Enter The Fog

The Thanksgiving respite of pseudo-sunny days and warm, as in 55 degree weather, delicious home cooked food and good company has ended.

Enter the fog, the precursor to the next round of winter.

Stolen moments of construction are squeezed in. The back stoop has railings and fascia trim boards on the roof. How to build the steps and finish the railings for the front porch is established in my head. One of the cement block footings on a packed gravel base for the bottom of the front step stringers is in and level.

Things look to be thick, soupy and wet for the next few days, followed by more cold snow. Some more cabin construction might be squeezed in among the fog.


chuck b. said...

Thick, soupy, and wet...the full range of human experience. The Spots are clueless about this. Penny jumped in the bath with me tonight.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

A chill creeps through
under grey blankets of fog
bones seem to clatter

lola said...

Mystery abounds as the veil of thick fog surrounds the forest. What may we see as this soupy veil lifts. Perhaps the beauty that lies on the forest floor, or in the stark trees.

Frances said...

Very mysterious indeed. There are some good shots to be had out there, I'd reckon. Hope you are able to get some cabin work done, it is pouring rain here and cold 'a comin'.


Siria said...

I love the fog! Beautiful pictures Christopher!