Sunday, November 16, 2008

Finding Interest In Winter

Late afternoon sun on Sandymush Bald

Dying Hemlocks posing

The blue and white house

Frozen red apples and blue sky

Is this what they mean by winter interest?

Road Spikes

Ramp seed heads

Faint pink glow over dark blue mountains

Visions of Haleakala


EAL said...

That's a lot of snow, considering I haven't seen any on Buffalo yet. But lovely. I am not a big fan of winter interest, though. I kind of ignore the garden in the winter.

You have a winter landscape though, and that's different.

chuck b. said...

Very lovely. But shocking and kind of disturbing that it changes so fast. Yikes.

chuck b. said...

I'm giving the frozen apples and blue sky picture a gold star.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I think you are on the right track. Not only is this interesting, it is beautiful.

Phillip said...

Great photography - I especially like the "road spikes" photo. You should print that. It looks like winter has arrived there.

gintoino said...

Gosh! Is is that cold there already? I really don't have a winter here in comparison with these pictures. Beautiful pictures by the way.

Les, Zone 8a said...

Will it still be lovely after 4 months of it?

Christopher C. NC said...

Eal, I have more snow than Buffalo and Fenton Michigan I heard last night.

Chuck, it was a whole new world when I woke up. The apples caught my eye too.

Lisa it is pretty and tolerable when the wind ain't blowin'.

Thanks Phillip. I think the road spikes are a sedge or a grass in the center of the gravel drive.

Gintoino, apparently I am colder and have more snow than Buffalo New York and Fenton Michigan, both way further north than me. I also have way more snow than down in the valleys. I went to town today and there was no snow on the ground before I got to the bottom of my mountain. I live on a snowy peak.

Come on Les. Just three months. the daffodils will be up in February.

lola said...

I vote for the blue sky & frozen apples too. Ramp seed heads as in Ramps that you eat?

Christopher C. NC said...

Yes Lola those kind Ramp, the super potent, spring elixir, Allium triccocum. I have been gathering seeds and spreading them out to increase the number of patches we have.

Tina said...

I tried to find a link to email you, but couldn't seem to find one anywhere on your blog.

On Rant you commented: Now if I can just set up a small greenhouse for cuttings and seed starting, that generous flow could turn into a torrent.
and it got me wondering if you'd ever heard of something called Wintersowing?
I think it is something that would work out for you perfectly! And give you more plants than you could ever pass along - for pennies.

Siria said...

Hi Christopher! What gorgeous photographs! Winter interest indeed.